About Bromley Art Society

Bromley Art Society was formed in 1947 to bring together local painters and sculptors, art teachers and students, and all who share an appreciation of the fine arts.Most of its members are amateur artists working in a wide variety of media; oils, watercolours, acrylics, pastels, gouaches, pen and ink, prints and batik.

The Glades Art Exhibition Details

If you want to know more about taking part in the exhibition please look at these files.


The Glades

Finally, we're going to be having an exhibition in the Glades. This is very exciting news for all members. We have the unit from 16th August to 28 September. We will be using the first 2 days to set it all up to look awesome. All help welcomed. Please check your emails to find out how to be part of this. Our exhibition organiser will be in touch.

We know 6 weeks is a long time to show work, but we hope to rotate work so more can be shown. I don't know about you, but I'm jumping up and down at the prospect.

Madeleine Moore

Maddie was our youngest member at 13 years of age. She has completed two years at Worcester University reading Illustration.

Check her latest news on our Facebook page.

Brian Moore

Ripley Arts Centre exhibition. Do not miss!

An invitation to Sketch and Paint Greenwich

Lewisham Art Society has a long tradition of sketching and painting outdoors. The first meeting this year will be  Saturday 12 May at Greenwich,  Bromley Art Society members are invited to join us.

Meet 10.30 Cutty Sark DLR

Lunch 1pm Visitors Centre cafe

Future dates and more info are included in the attached flyer.



He died in 1958. I was in the upper sixth doing art a level. We looked at his work and I was smitten. Working through 'The Fauve Landscape' by Judi Freeman this evening I found him again. Wonderful! 60 years have fallen away...

Royal Society of Watercolour Artists

Today I experienced a surfeit of pleasure. The Mall Galleries exhibition is worth a visit. Don't miss it.

Spring 2018 Exhibition at Ripley


Exhibition at Ripley Arts Centre

I attended the venue this evening and was pleasantly surprised. Using only one room limited the number of pieces on display but the show was tastefully hung. There was the usual range of subject matter, medium and quality reflecting BAS policy. The showcase of jewellery and knitting was a delight. There were very few members there - a disappointment. However, it was good to chat with folk. 

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