Added feature: Rich Text Editor

Rich Text Editing

I have added a feature which allows rich text editing within text fields on the site. This means the ability to select styles and change font. etc. For instance, this entry has an "h2" heading at the top. You can also insert text in bold, italic and underline.

To get the full benefit of this you must

Colour changes on website

This website is built with a tool (Drupal) that comes with a number of prebuilt "themes". These themes define the layout of items on the screen and the appearance and colours. I initially chose the default "Garland" theme in Mediterranean colours.

Website rebuild!

A complete rebuild was performed on 9th December 2007 to overcome a fault that prevented changing the colours of the themes.

Web site starts

The website was started on 6th December 2007, the Society's 60th Anniversary Year.
It is a work in evolution.

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