Another Exhibition?

A resounding YES! I have a show with Derek Burt at the What If...? Gallery, Dartford, from June 27 to July 2. Come and see what we have been up to.

And another... From July 16 to 30 we will be there again but with a couple of lady friends - Sue Howes and Ann Holdway with their watercolour/ink, mosaic and textile creations.


Have you looked at ? Enjoy!

The Mall Galleries

There will be an exhibition from 14 to 18 June that is a must see for members. Twelve artists specializing in  watercolour will show their most modern work. Don't miss it.

Menu Errors - Fixed

Something has damaged the menus on this site. Links to Newsletters, Easel and Programmes have been deleted. It will take me a little while to sort this out, so apologies if you cannot find what you want. You might find things through the search tool.

Major Site Upgrade Feb 2009

I have performed a "major upgrade" of the software that runs the site. In time this will allow more features to be added and it will also make it easier for me to maintain the site as it now uses the same software as my other sites.

"In time" is the key phrase. As with all these things, we now enter the "two steps backward" phase. Expect to see minor improvements over the next few weeks. If anything is really broken, please let me know. It's quite difficult to test every feature under sufficiently varying circumstances and in different browsers. Your help is appreciated.

Site update, July 2008

The programmes that are used to build this site are updated quite frequently by their authors. Occasionally this is done to provide new features, but more commonly this happens to improve security in the face of some new challenge.

Members' Galleries

Picture of galleries

We have some fantastic galleries on the site - let's have some more! Every BAS member can have one, holding about 8 pictures. You asked for instructions - here they are!

Galleries of Members' Work

I have now added a gallery feature to show member's work. Could an Art Society be without one?

The gallery has a number of features:

Added feature: Rich Text Editor

Rich Text Editing

I have added a feature which allows rich text editing within text fields on the site. This means the ability to select styles and change font. etc. For instance, this entry has an "h2" heading at the top. You can also insert text in bold, italic and underline.

To get the full benefit of this you must

Colour changes on website

This website is built with a tool (Drupal) that comes with a number of prebuilt "themes". These themes define the layout of items on the screen and the appearance and colours. I initially chose the default "Garland" theme in Mediterranean colours.

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