Hockney criticism

It would appear that my views on Modern art maybe provoking anger, which was never the intention. I concede my opinions are based on a lack of knowledge and probably a lack of soul where art is concerned. Only one painting has ever really stirred any emotion in me and that was Picasso's Crying woman. which I suppose makes a mockery of my criticising modern art in favour of the old masters. As for Elizabeth Blackadder and Michael Craig Martin I repeat my remark from an earlier blog," I just don't get it".


 I've been trying to express my disappointment not just with Mr. H, but

 with Modern/Contemperary art in general. And I think this sums up my

 position, over the years we have all seen many fine films and T.V. progs.

 charting the lives and careers of the old masters, all of these films relied

 on prints and sometimes the actual originals of the subject being portrayed. Da Vinci, Vermeer, Van Gogh, Michaelangelo etc. In no instance

could an actor or stand in artist, hope to re-create a masters work, but


 After my derogatory remarks I decided to remind myself of his early

 work and once again saw how good he can be, but Sues remark about

 taking a second look did'nt ring true for me as the works were too

 simplistic to see more in them than immediately meets the eye. I accept

 that the fault for not seeing more probably lies with me, I'm sceptical of

 people (not you Sue) who exhort me to look beneath the surface and

 feel the dynamism in the brushwork etc. etc. The Exhibition would have

Friday's demo

Very informative, really explained what he was doing well - I could follow him!

Although I have no wish to paint in oils, I thought he gave some very good tips for painting and composition.  An interesting approach to colour.

A really useful evening!

Sue Howes

BAS Demo. evening

Robin Mackervoy Still Life in OilsThe BAS programme of demonstrations kicked off by scoring a goal, probably more than one. Robin Mackervoy's still life in oils was a masterpiece of instruction and brushwork. Everyone, from novice to pro., must have gained from such an outstanding player. His closing word, "I have enjoyed myself," was something that we all need to remember. If we are not enjoying slapping paint on, why do it?

Hockney Exhibition

 Whats all the fuss about young Davids work, give the kid a chance, its not bad for a four year old.


The Easel

What a day! Packing envelopes and getting the right labels on them has taken hours to complete. Reason? Trying to ensure that the right people get the newsletter. All the paid-up members will get their copies. People who were formerly members and whom we know are not able to join this year will not receive the newsletter. Those who have been members and who are known to continue to make art but who have not yet paid their annual subscriptions will receive copies with a gentle reminder. Some of the latter will pay their subs.

The Royal Academy and Hockney

On Friday this week (24 Feb.) I plan to see the show. I usually get to the RA by about 11 am, which gives me plenty of time to see as much as I want. Having seen so much on TV and read so many reviews, I have no idea what to expect. Will I be thrilled or disappointed? Laughter or tears? Perhaps I'll bump into somebody I know?

What a wonderful day!

The British Library and Royal Manuscripts: super. It was a pity that people spent so much time with the first few exhibits and thus clogged up the works. I was too impatient and jumped on to the exhibits that had few if any 'students' and enjoyed freedom of movement and view. The free electronic commentary was a joy. A huge exhibition, too big for me, so I bought the lovely catalogue (softback) to enjoy at home and then went to the Mall Galleries and the Pastel Show. Another good 'un. Home by 4 pm to find that The Easel had arrived to be mailed next week, I hope.

AGM and Neale Worley

For those members who missed the AGM and the dvd of Ken Howard, part of which was shown at the AGM, you can find examples of Neale's work at Enjoy!

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