The Easel

The March 2017 edition of the Easel is now available.

All BAS members should have received a copy which was sent out on Monday 13th March via the BAS newsletter system using email. In order to access it, in your email, you need to click on the envelope logo marked: Bromley Art Society Outlook Item.

The accompanying message might read:  Sorry - this is a read-only list. Please contact the webmaster if you need help.

However, if you click on the above-mentioned icon, you should be able to open and read the PDF file for the Easel.

Those expecting printed copies should receive them in the post this week.

If you have not received a copy, please contact me.

For those of you receiving the digital version, if/when you do receive it, I would be grateful if some of you would acknowledge that you have received it, as there have been problems sending out the digital version of the Easel to members in recent months, and some people may not have received it.

Many thanks for your assistance and patience.

Please note that the deadline for the July 2017 edition is Friday 30th June.

Ailsa Chapman (editor)