The Mall Galleries

There will be an exhibition from 14 to 18 June that is a must see for members. Twelve artists specializing in  watercolour will show their most modern work. Don't miss it.


Mall Galleries visit

Well, I went and looked and left. Annnabel Dover's The Earl of Connaught's Map of London caused a blip in my brain - synapse overload. How could a traced(?) map touched up with wet paint and hiighlighted with ink be called ART? It was for sale at £800. A couple of pieces by Lucy Jones, Summer in St James's Park and Winter, Battersea Park, were offered to the discerning public at a cool £4,800 each. Preece had a couple of Acrylics on paper - Gasometer (BAttersea) and Gasometer (Hackney) - that looked to be pastel rather than acrylic. But who would care if he could get £950 each for them? Disapponted? Yes. Why? The show did not fulfil the requirements of the announcement. Sad. So sad that I visited the Tate's Watercolours Exhibition for yet another viewing. Richard Dadd's pieces alone are worth the extra visits.

Approaches to Portrait Painting

The BAS June meeting was one of the most exciting and stimulating I have attended. The theme was 'approaches to portrait painting', and I hope that emphasising the need to properly and accurately prepare the drawing for paint was worthwhile. Practice! Gilly's presentation was first rate. Who would know the techniques she uses would shake us out of our little boxes? I need to revisit my approach to drawing and the life drawing promised for next month will provide the opportunity. Pat took us on a fascinating journey through decades of portrait painting in a host of mediums - from pencil through Conte to colour with pastels, watercolour, oils and acrylics. Wonderful.