Gallery and me

Well, I managed to get one new pic onto the gallery but the caption needs to be tweaked by changing the file name on my pc. I tried to upload a .psd image and failed. That means I have to convert to .jpg images first. That is not a hassle. Now to get some more pics from my camera, so this wee episode must come to an end. Enjoy the day.


It's easy really!

Dear Allan

There are instructions on the first page of the gallery, which cover both of these issues! You can download the lot as a .pdf file or browse then on line.

Part 3 - Process your image explains the choice of formats. .psd files, made by Photoshop, are not understood by web browsers - it's not a feature of the gallery itself. All the common image formats are supported, .jpg, .tiff, .bmp etc.

.jpg will make the best use of your gallery space.

Part 5 -  Final touches explains how to alter the title, caption and description after uploading. You don't need to worry about the filename. If you upload the pictures singly, as opposed to in a .zip file, you can set the caption for each as you load them. At the bottom of that screen are some options to set thte title from the filename or the caption.

I think this Gallery2 software is well designed. Unfortunately it is coming to the end of its life and I shall have to replace it before June 2014. I have not yet found anything I like so much.