I'm back!

Hello, fellow artists, Adrian has arranged my access to the Webpage again. I had forgotten and lost my password. So, expect a wee stir at some time.

The SAA has taken over a very good art sales company allowing members to offer work for sale. It is worth checking the SAA web presence for information. Members who register will get their subscription elevated to Gold level. It didn't work for me because I have Platinum membership already, which covers my rare one-man shows.

By the way, if you exhibit your stuff, you really should insure yourself against claims. If a painting falls of a wall and hurts someone, it could prove to be very expensive. Third party coverage is needed and members get this in their membership fee. Check it and find the membership level that fits your need. BAS has society membership for our exhibitions but I suggest that you get your own, if you show elsewhere.



I am, I am! Thank you, Adrian