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BAS programme for 2015

Penny has once again put together a very interesting programme for us for our "First Friday" meetings. You can find it at The first of these is not till February, but the Ripley sessions on Wednesdays start next week, 7th January.

Gallery is missing - and restored again!

I have had to withdraw the gallery for the time being. It has develped a serious fault and I need to investigate it. I apologise for the inconvenience.

Changes to 2013 Friday Talks Programme

Unfortunately the 2013 talks programme has had to be substantially revised. Both dates and venue have been changed. Please see the updated programme at

New feature - Notifications make the site more interactive

Allan Davies is doing a great job with his blog and others chip in occasionally, but not everyone sees these gems. I have now built a new feature to "Notifiy" you when there is a change to something you are interested in. Instead of having to check the website frequently for new content, you can be emailed a short message to tell you something is waiting for you.

Website facelift

Drupal IconThose who study such things may notice a change to the style of the website. The old one was making a mess of stories on the front page if they had pictures in, as more and more of them do. The current style, or "theme" in the jargon, is the default one and not an artistic choice on my part. It works rather well but is immediately recognisable as the default theme for Drupal, the software behind the site. It does not suggest much creativity for an Art Society but I blame the day job for that.

I am planning a major upgrade to the site at some stage and will attend to beautification then.

BAS on Facebook

Now we have a facebook presence! The main news articles from the front page of the web site and a random selection of members' pictures are posted there. The pictures are updated once a day.

I am sure there is more to do, but it is a start. Let me know what you think! Allan has already started us off

Menu Errors - Fixed

Something has damaged the menus on this site. Links to Newsletters, Easel and Programmes have been deleted. It will take me a little while to sort this out, so apologies if you cannot find what you want. You might find things through the search tool.

Major Site Upgrade Feb 2009

I have performed a "major upgrade" of the software that runs the site. In time this will allow more features to be added and it will also make it easier for me to maintain the site as it now uses the same software as my other sites.

"In time" is the key phrase. As with all these things, we now enter the "two steps backward" phase. Expect to see minor improvements over the next few weeks. If anything is really broken, please let me know. It's quite difficult to test every feature under sufficiently varying circumstances and in different browsers. Your help is appreciated.

Site update, July 2008

The programmes that are used to build this site are updated quite frequently by their authors. Occasionally this is done to provide new features, but more commonly this happens to improve security in the face of some new challenge.

Members' Galleries

Picture of galleries

We have some fantastic galleries on the site - let's have some more! Every BAS member can have one, holding about 8 pictures. You asked for instructions - here they are!

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