Hockney criticism

It would appear that my views on Modern art maybe provoking anger, which was never the intention. I concede my opinions are based on a lack of knowledge and probably a lack of soul where art is concerned. Only one painting has ever really stirred any emotion in me and that was Picasso's Crying woman. which I suppose makes a mockery of my criticising modern art in favour of the old masters. As for Elizabeth Blackadder and Michael Craig Martin I repeat my remark from an earlier blog," I just don't get it". When I look at their works, the word Clever springs to mind, and thats a word I hate when associated with art. But I think this will be my last word on Mr Hockney, who I do, perversely, like as a person and can so many people be wrong about his work and so few right.

Incidently has anybody else noticed you never see David Hockney and Alan Bennet in the same room?





 I have not seen Hockney’s exhibition yet, although I have viewed some of the works on line and very much like his use of colour and suspect he is searching/feeling for that illusive thing we all try to find when we start a piece of work. I expect more of this style but more refined. We should bear in mind that he was asked at short notice to present this exhibition. I recently found a site that was very interesting, www. Stevedove.co.uk.  Likewise our David he also features the beautiful Yorkshire landscape. If you view the site there are some comparisons that can be made not only with David’s work but also with some of our members work i.e.   Peak District by Helen Draper (see Easel winter 2011) and Woodland Walk by Allan Davis (see Members Gallery).