The Easel

 Thank you Adrian, the biter bit somewhat. Actually my association with

 B.A.S. is becoming more and more tenuous and I am visiting local art

 societies with a view to cutting out all the travelling I have to do each

 wednesday, but, hand on heart it isn't a job I would want to do wether

 I go or stay. It takes me so long to finish a painting at the best of times

 ( which is me making excuses ). The truth is its only when someone

 stands down from a position that the work they did is truely appreciated

 and I am not prepared to devote the amount of time to the Easel that

 would be required when I could be painting. I cringe at the selfishness

 of that statement but I'm sure its the same for most of the other


 With apologies



Don't go!

Well we should be sorry to lose you and your lovely paintings. Still remember that race horse you tried not to sell ....