Easel 20 - Summer 2008

Sketch of editor Allan Davies by DerekEditorial

Pots & SeedsI hope that all of us continue to learn whatever our age. Even the most aged of our membership has space to grow in knowledge and skill because not one of us has yet attained perfection in anything. This issue has much to teach us - from fat and lean oil paint to framing, photography and yet  another “stir” that deserves a response. 

Art / Craft - what is the difference? asks Sue Howes. This must be something to raise the hackles of those who argue that Craft cannot be Artistic. I look forward to your responses.

Please, let me have your items for the next issue by mid-July 2008 or sooner, if possible, as THE EASEL must be presented to the printer in early  August to ensure distribution by the first week in September. Remember, I want your best work for the cover of The Easel. Good, clean black or grey drawings may find their way onto inner pages.