Easel 21 - Autumn 2008

French VillageThere is a lot of text in this issue, all of it worth reading. I thoroughly enjoyed the RA Summer Exhibition observations as they were submitted long before I was able to make my own visit with our youngest member, Madeleine Moore. Visiting exhibitions with a companion, I find, encourages one to spot things easily missed when alone. I agree with much of what has been stated in these pages.

Adrian’s talk at our July meeting, The Science of Colour, was an eye opener. He has provided his own report (see page 4).

Wednesdays at Ripley Arts Centre on Sundridge Avenue are mentioned on page 14. Please, don’t skip the reading of this item as it invites us to meet during the morning as well as the afternoon. There is plenty of room to work especially during the morning session.

A request for information: members who have their own exhibitions can let us know when and where in or with this newsletter, if I get early information.

There is a lot on in the most easily reached London galleries this Autumn, see page 11. Take time to enjoy! Take time to send me photos of your work for the cover of the next issue as well...

Allan Davies