Our Society is doing all right. Malcolm Tait reports that we are growing apace and I am excited because it means that there are more of you to write articles for The Easel. Let me have your contributions, especially those that are controversial.

What is art? I heard a chap on the radio say that it’s a boring question. Isn’t it the question that all of us ask every time we start a new work? Or do we ask the more difficult question, “Will this be a work of art or something else?” Get the argument going.

I want photographs of your work for the Members’ Gallery. If you have never previously contributed, don’t be shy - you may find yours on the front cover and win the coveted £20 voucher to use at Art For All.

There is some stirring stuff in these pages again; much to challenge us to create something beautiful, something to stir our passions, something that says, ‘without this I am incomplete’ - ‘without this the world is incomplete’. Be bold!