Bromley Art Society Newsletter

We now have an occasional newsletter! This will carry brief announcements about the society, for instance reminders about forthcoming events or last minute changes. It is not intended to replace The Easel, which remains our main publication. The Newsletter is open to members and non-members of the society. 

You can login to the newsletter and change your subscription details from its admin page. From there you can also find the archive of previous issues. The software used for the newsletter has changed - archives of older messages are shown on this page.

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Issue 1 - Jan 29th 2011 - 2011 starts here ....

Bromley Art Society's programme for 2011 swings into gear this coming Friday, the 4th Feb. Peter Richards, who last year demonstrated printing techniques to us, will lead a debate about Art under the title "Eating the Gobstopper". We are expecting a good audience, so please come and join in.

As usual, kick off will be at 8pm, in the Verrall Hall, Bromley United Reform Church, 20 Widmore Road, Bromley BR1 1RY. Guests are welcome for a small fee.

When we have got you all nicely warmed up, we are going to try and slip the fastest possible AGM past you without you noticing ....

And the Auction mentioned on the green membership cards has been replaced by a Bring and Buy Sale before the meeting and over tea.

The only other news concerns our website. It has been under attack throughout January from spammers and other low life. Many other sites are reporting the same problem. I am not sure why there should be this sudden surge. I have implemented extra protection measures which have been successful so far. However there is a possibility that genuine users may have difficulties, particularly when registering for the first time. Please let me know if this happens, and put anyone affected in touch with me directly.

It isn't news to most of you that we have a gallery of works on the website.  Why not change the pictures you have on display there, or if you don't have a gallery, give it a go? Instructions are on the site and a few of us are able
to offer help.

Allan will no doubt also be seeking your contributions for "The Easel" in words or images. You can find his contact details in previous editions or you can contact him through the contact form on this website abd choose "Easel" from the dropdown menu.

See you on Friday!

Vol 1 - 2008

Issue 1 - Jan 8th 2008 - Introduction

Dear Fellow Artist

Happy New Year! This is a brief note to introduce some new initiatives
at Bromley Art Society.

Firstly, you are receiving the first of an occasional email newsletter.
It is being sent to all those whose email address the society holds. If
you would rather not receive further emails, please remove yourself (you
will have received instructions on this) or let me know and I shall
do it for you.

The newsletter is intended to keep you up to date with our meetings and
with the website - our second initiative. You will find the site at It is in its early days, but already lists
the meeting for the year ahead. If you join the website, you will be
able to post comments and messages in the forums - and we should love
to hear from you. Do let us know what else would be useful. And yes of
course we hope to have some pictures of members' work soon!

A word of explanation - you need to "join" this sort of newsletter and
the website to protect you and everyone else from spam. This is just to
ensure that you are who you say you are. Bromley Art Society is not
going to do anything else with your details.

Finally, a word from Christine Richards, our Publicity Secretary:

"It would be great if we could have lots of people at the AGM on 1
February so that we can get lots of ideas about what people would like
from their Society. As a committee member, it can sometimes be
frustrating that we have so little feedback as to whether or not we are
getting things right. I am sure that there are many members out there
who would like to share thoughts, aspirations and ideas. Please come to
the meeting and tell us what you think!"

I look forward to seeing you at the meeting.


Adrian Fowle

Issue 2 - Jan 17th 2008 - AGM Extra

We will be holding a mini auction at the AGM. Lots will include an  
original painting by Charles Evans, brand new DVD player , Imperial  
size sheets of watercolour paper , and much more. If you have  
something you would like to enter please contact Peter Dinsmore.

Remember our main auction will be later in the year, probably May when  
you will have the opportunity to submit lots of items.

See you on the 1st of February.

Ann Holdway
Secretary, Bromley Art Society

Issue 3 - Mar 1st 2008 - Oil Painting Demonstration

Here's a brief reminder of the next "Illustrated Lecture" at Bromley Art
John Kay will be giving a demonstration on Oil Painting, this Friday 7th
March at 8pm in the Verrall Hall, United Reform Church, Widmore Road,
Bromley. Non members are welcome too (at a cost of £2).
I find it fascinating to see a professional artist produce a painting
from start to finish - even with the artificial constrant of a 2 hour
meeting. We had some superb demonstrations last year and I am looking
forward to this year's too. Come and join us and let's give John Kay a
lively audience. See the Full Programme.

I should like to remind you also of the society's website. A few members
have already put their pictures in the gallery section. Individually
they are lovely, but as a collection they show what a diverse group we
are. There are ceramics and mosaics in addition to drawings and
paintings. Beginner or expert, whatever your medium, show us what you
can do and create your own mini gallery! There is space for several
pictures each. If you need help on how to do this, drop me a line.

Finally, you should have received papers for the more traditional
exhibition of the works themselves. The Members' Spring Exhibition will
run from 3rd to 15th April in the Bromley Central Library. Entry
forms need to be with Ann Holdway, Hon Sec, by 22nd March. You can
email Ann through the contact form on the website.

See you on Friday!

Issue 4 - Mar 29th 2008 - Old Masters - and perhaps some new ones

If this is the first newsletter you have seen, then Welcome! I have been
cleaning up the membership lists and have added or corrected a few
email addresses. The newsletter is an occasional reminder from Bromley
Art Society of what we are up to.


Our speaker next week is Andrew Herbert on "Influence of Old Masters on
Early Photography". Our editor has promised "something different" and
we hope as many members as possible will attend. Mr Herbert's talk will
deal with the relationship between painting and photography; how
composition of early phototgraphs was influenced by paintings. He wants
to explore 'what makes a good photograph' and 'what makes a good
painting', and also painting from photographs. He will cover changes in
photography when colour film became available. He is keen to get a
dialogue going by inviting members' questions and also posing some
questions of his own. He has promised to bring with him a display of
antique cameras. Friday 4th April 8pm, Verrall Hall, United Reform
Church, Widmore Road, Bromley. Non members are also welcome for a small

I should also like to draw your attention to not one but two exhibitions
by Bromley Art Society:

Firstly, The Society's Spring Exhibition will be held in Bromley Central
Library from 3rd to 15th April, including Sunday afternoons. This is
open to all members to exhibit and we are expecting a very broad range
of media and styles.

The second exhibtion is by those members of the Society who paint at
Ripley on Wednesday afternoons. The exhibition is entitled "Bromley
Artists on Show" and takes place at Ripley Arts Centre from 29th April
to 30th May, 24 Sundridge Av, Bromley BR1 2PX.

More information can be found on the website at The website itself is progressing nicely.
If you have not seen it, or not recently, please have a look. I am
particularly keen to build up the gallery of members' works - any
member can have a space which will hold about 8 pictures. If you help
to do this, please let me know.

I hope you will join us for some or all of these events.

Issue 5 - Apr 27th 2008 - War and Pieces

Dear Fellow Artist

Two items for you in the latest newsletter from Bromley Art Society - our May meeting on the 2nd and an auction on 10th May.



The next meeting of the Bromley Art Society will be next Friday, the 2nd May 2008. The Curator of the Bromley War Museum will be talking on "War-time Bromley through Art and Photography". I am sorry that I do not have the speaker's name to pass on to you. I am sure you agree that this will be a fascinating topic. It follows on nicely from the last talk which also linked art and photography in a different context and which generated quite lively discussion. I do hope that you will join us to make this event equally successful. As usual the talk starts at 8pm and takes place at Verrall Hall, United Reform Church, Widmore Road, Bromley. (This is next to the big Boots in the Glades).


May also sees the Society's auction. A lot of work goes into this, and in previous years it has been very successful both at raising money (25% for the Society and 75% for you ...) and as a bit of fun.

The auction takes place on Saturday 10th May at the Greenacres Scout Hut, Tiepigs Lane, West Wickham.

The timetable is:

Delivery of items before 11:30am
Preview from 12:00 midday
Auction 2pm
Collection of unsold items 4:30pm

BAS members will have received forms for submission, but others are welcome to submit items and we need the following information:
1) Short description of each item
2) Reserve price
3) Name
4) Address
5) Telephone no
6) Email if applicable

These details need to be submitted to Ann Holdway, who will also field any queries.
Post: 78 Castlewood Drive, Eltham SE9 1NG
Phone: 020 8856 7717

"Suggested Pieces for Auction" include paintings, etchings, prints, pottery, glass, china, jewellery, sculpture, books, small furniture etc etc.

The inevitable small print:
"Whilst every care is taken with objects in our possession, we are not insured against loss. Therefore we cannot accept responsibility shouldthis happen"


1) Any breakages of lots or damages to lots during the auction to bepaid for at the reserve price or committee valuation.
2) If there is dispute as to the purchaser of any lot then at the discretion of the auctioneer that lot will be re-auctioned or withdrawn.
3) The committee reserves the right to withdraw any lot or amend thedescription as shown on the auction list.
4) For lots marked with a reserve: If the reserve price is not reached then the lot may be sold during or after the auction at or above the reserve quoted.
5) Successful bidders will be given a card showing their bid. This willbe receipted upon payment and the lot may only be removed from thepremises upon presentation of this card to a steward.

Issue 6 - May 26th 2008 - Nothing but Criticism from Allan

Here's the latest news from the Bromley Art Society.

Monthly Lecture

The Society's monthly "lecture" this month takes the form of a "Criticism Evening" from Allan Davies. Please join us on Friday 6th June, 8pm, Verrall Hall, United Reform Church, Widmore Road, Bromley. This is his sales pitch: "Members should bring no more than one piece each for criticism. I prefer pieces with which the artist is not happy so that I with others
may suggest strategies to 'save' the works.

Criticism of a piece of artwork centres upon looking for the good rather
than the bad. As both 'good' and 'bad' are subjective an evening of
criticism will involve the artist and everybody else present putting in their ha'penny worth.

To be a little more objective we will analyse how line, shape, form, texture, space and colour value works in a piece of artwork whatever the medium."

One of the first BAS meetings I went to was a similar evening, which I greatly enjoyed. I think Allan is rather brave to do this ... (Did someone mention Daniel and lions?)

Paint Along

The Ripley Wednesday painting sessions will be all day from JULY, starting at 10am. Come for the morning, afternoon or both! There will be further details in The Easel soon.


Pat Tucker is showing an exhibition entitled "Architecture: Land and Sea" at the Ripley Art Centre, 24 Sundridge Avenue, Bromley, BR1 2PX. From 3rd June to 27th June 2008. There will be an open evening on 3rd June 2008 7-9pm.

Pat is keen to see as many members as possible take up the invitation.

Web site news

There are now instructions for creating your own gallery on the website. There is also a link at the top of the Gallery page. Please have a go! We have some excellent entries already, but there must be more than 9 Artists in the society - that's not even a coven.

Issue 7 - June 27th 2008 - Painting my own trumpet

Monthly Lecture

I have tried, and failed, to find some one else to write this month's newsletter. So I have to tell you about the monthly lecture and what an exciting event it will be etc, - even though I am the speaker. I am talking about "The Science of Colour".

Friday 4th July. 8pm
Verrall Hall, United Reform Church, Widmore Road, Bromley.

This evening will also feature the unveiling of the society's new projector, which I shall be using in my talk.

Gallery and Website

There is a new entry in the members' galleries this month. You can explore the whole gallery here. We also have a few new members of the website, including an intriguing scarlet lady. There is plenty of room for more gallery entries, so please join the site and put your pictures on show. Instructions are available.
If you need any help, please ask me.

Painting at Ripley

A reminder that on Wednesdays there will now be two sessions of painting groups. The first from 10 am to 1pm and the second from 1.30 pm to 4.30. Cost £2 per session (£3 for non members) includes refreshments.
For those who have not tried this, it is not a tutored group but a chance to paint amongst friends. Bring your own equipment and get there early to get the best place. I am not responsible if Allan tells a joke or two ...


Still wondering about the title of my talk? Come along and find out why I chose it. Non members are welcome too (at a cost of £2).

Adrian Fowle

Issue 8 - Jul 23rd 2008 - No Rest for Some

There is no Illustrated Lecture for the Bromley Art Society in August ...

... This is just as well because several of us are involved in the Summer Exhibition at Art for All in Bromley, which has its preview on Friday 1st August, 6.30 - 9.30 pm. The exhibition is in the studio opposite the shop. Enquiries to the shop, 211 - 213 High St, Bromley or 020 8313 9368.

Despite the summer recess, there is feverish activity over at Easel Towers where Allan Davies is preparing the next edition. He wants reports of the Summer Exhibition at the RA and any others you have been to. You still  have time to get it to him. And should you miss the deadline, nothing gets wasted - there is always another edition.

I have added many new paintings to the website from past Easel covers, as well as some of the articles. Don't forget that you can display your own work in a mini gallery on the site. If you already have a gallery, you can add to it or change the pictures from time to time. Let me know if you need help.

Derek Burt and Allan have a show, "Two Kent Artists", at the George and Dragon Pub in Ightham during the 2nd weekend in August. The preview is on Friday 8th from 7pm onwards. The show itself lasts till Sunday evening (10th August). There is Kent Beer too, I see from the website. Allan recommends the good food at the Pub and says it makes an ideal opportunity to combine food and art.

If you are painting outside in the glorious sunshine, allow me to put on my medical hat and recommend your artist's one. Better still, remember to Slip Slap Slop: "Slip on a shirt, Slap on a hat, Slop on the sun cream". Some add "Slide on the shades" to this. I'm not sure what this will do to colour perception during the actual painting, but it helps in between. A really broad brimmed hat was traditional for artists painting outside, because it allows better perception of tones in bright sunlight without colour distortion and without needing to squint. England cricket hats may be available cheaply at present ...

Have a good summer.

Issue 9 - August 25th 2008 - The BAS Open - No its not Golf!

After the summer break, September starts with a busy month for Bromley Art Society.

The Society's Illustrated Lecture this month is a demonstration of watercolours by Bettina Shroeder. This will be on Friday 5th September. As usual it will start at 8pm and take place at Verrall Hall, United Reform Church, Widmore Road, Bromley. Non members are welcome!

The Society's Open Exhibition also welcomes non-members, both as exhibitors and viewers. It takes place from Saturday 20th to Saturday 27th September in St George's Church, Beckenham. Working backwards, there will be a private view on Friday 19th from 7.30 pm to 9.30 pm. Handing in will be on Thursday 18th September from 3.00 pm to 6.00 pm. Entry form and cheque need to be submitted to the Hon Sec by 12th September. Copies of the prospectus and entry form have been sent to members and will be available on the web site soon.

This is one of  the highlights of the Society's year - We are expecting a good showing, so exhibitors - get on with it! and viewers / purchasers please note the dates.

Ann Holdway writes

You are all invited to the Private View of the British Association for Modern Mosaic Minatures Exhibition 2008 which is on September 7th, 6-8pm. The exhibition is at the London Canal Museum, 12-13 New Wharf Road, Kings Cross, London, N1 9RT. It is not far from Kings Cross Station - look for brown signs for the museum. The theme is "Waterways"  50 artists, 87 pieces on display including 2 of mine.  Don't miss this chance to see  the work of modern mosaic artists.  If you cannot make the private view the exhibition is on from 9th September until November 8th. Details of opening times etc on the web:BAMM or Museum. Looking forward to seeing you there.

Issue 10 - Sept 26th 2008 - October News from Bromley Art Society

Welcome to the Bromley Art Society Newsletter. Brenda Sayburn and I have been tidying up the membership list so there are quite a few people receiving this for the first time. The newsletter appears approximately
monthly to give notice of Society events.


The Society is very sorry to learn of the death of one of our members, Keith Burtonshaw.
The funeral was on 23rd September. 


If you have not seen the Society's Open Exhibition, tomorrow is your last chance ... St George's Church Beckenham. Exhibitors need to collect the few remaining pictures which are unsold and purchasers those they have bought. Please note that paintings should be collected from St George's Church BEFORE 3.30 (not after 3.30 as previously circulated.)

The Society's lectures continue next Friday, 3rd October, with a demonstration of acrylic painting by Jonathan Newey. Like most of our lectures, this takes place in the Verrall Hall, United Reform Church,
Widmore Road, Bromley (Next to Boots). Ann Holdway has asked me to remind you that there is parking near the old Fire Station. The lecture starts at 8pm. I look forward to seeing you there.

Two society members are exhibiting:

Ann Holdway has work at "British Association for Modern Mosaic Minatures Exhibition 2008" at the London Canal Museum in Kings Cross. I learnt this morning that this area is to have a new Art Gallery and Concert Hall in a new development soon.

Allan Davies
has an exhibition entitled "Impressions of Light" at the Ripley Arts Centre. The preview is on Mon 29th Sept, 7 - 9 pm, with the exhibition proper from Tues 30th Sept to Fri 24th Oct.

Issue 11 - Nov 2nd 2008 - Four Corners

I don't know about you, but to me it seems ages since Jonathan Newey's acrylic demonstration last month. At long last the next meeting has come round - in between we have had one of the most colourful autumns I can remember.

The meeting on Friday, 7th November is one of my favourites - "Four Corners".
This is billed as four separate demonstrations, but usually involves considerable chat and sharing of ideas! On this occasion we have:

  • Derek Waller - Carving Plates
  • Sue Howes - Machine Embroidery
  • Pat Tucker - Pastels
  • Jill Readon - Encaustic Abstracts

As with all our meetings, this takes place in the Verrall Hall, United Reform Church,Widmore Road, Bromley (Next to Boots) and starts at 8pm.

Sue features again this month - she is holding an Open Studio / House Sale

Now if we can just zip through the US election and get back to art ....

Issue 12 - Nov 24th 2008 - Christmas Social Evening

Bromley Art Society's Christmas Social Evening will be on Friday, 5 December at 8pm at Verrall Hall (our usual venue).

Do come and enjoy nibbles, Ann's Fruit Cup Special and the opportunity to chat with your fellow artists.
There will be a quiz (superb prizes!), a fun painting challenge, DVDs to view, bargains to buy, raffles and more!

We're a friendly bunch but we're so busy painting and watching others paint that we don't always have the chance to get to know each other. A relaxing Christmas get-together is just what we need!!

In other news, 5 Local Artists, members of BAS, are exhibiting at the Bromley Central Library. 11th December  - 23rd December 2008 in Library hours.

Derrick Waller will be displaying his carved and colourful ceramics, paintings in varied styles and computer graphics at Ripley Arts Centre. As usual all proceeds will be donated to St Christopher’s Hospice. 25th November to 22nd December 2008

Allan Davies also has a show in Westerham from 5th - 8th December 2008.


Vol 2 - 2009

Issue 1 - Feb 1st 2009 - Are YOU puzzled?

Just before Christmas Allan Davies chopped up a famous painting and handed out pieces of it for us to copy. He's not a mad megalomaniac and claims it wasn't the original. At the meeting next week we are going to reassemble our copies in a giant puzzle. People have used different media to make their copies, so even if the edges line up the result should be a rich soup of a painting. I hope you will join us to see the fun whether you made a piece of the painting or not. (And if you did, remember you will have no peace if you don't bring it with you ...)

There will be stalls selling art materials and books and a mini auction - so bring along anything suitable to put in the auction.  

I AM puzzled by the committee's insistance on calling this the AGM  - it's not likely to get people out on a cold evening! There is so much more happening, not to mention free refreshments. Even so we are promised information about new developments for the artistic year ahead in Bromley.

Hope to see you there:

Friday February 6th at 8 pm
Verral Hall,
United Reform Church
Widmore Road Bromley.

(Next to Boots - parking in roads opposite)

Issue 2 - Feb 28th 2009 - February's Fun Finally Finished. March Mixed Media Mirror Maestro

At our last meeting, in February, we reconstructed Bruegel's masterpiece Mad Meg. It was great fun, although we missed a bit because of the snow. The final pieces were added during the week and you can see the results here. Our efforts also ended up in the Newshopper.

The forthcoming meeting on March 6th features a demonstration in Mixed Media by C Francis - a self portrait. We have always enjoyed our demonstrations, but the new video equipment has made the last two or three so much easier to see and enjoy.

As with all the Friday meetings, this one is at 8pm in the

Verrall Hall,
United Reform Church,
Widmore Road, Bromley.

(Near the big branch of Boots).  

You can see the whole programme at

I hope you will join us on Friday!

Issue 3 - Mar 29th 2009 - Cooking something up for April

The Society's April illustrated talk will be given by James Taylor on 'The Art of Exploration'. He will tell us about the artists Buchan, Hodges, Parkinson and Webber who travelled with Captain Cook and who created some of the most striking images of Australia, New Zealand and the South Pacific.

Please join us for this on Friday 3rd April at 8pm in Verrall Hall,
Bromley United Reformed Church, 20 Widmore Road, Bromley. BR1 1RY.
Non members are also welcome at these talks.

Penny Read, Parks Partnership Officer at Bromley Council, has invited members to submit works for an exhibition which is the finale of 'Celebrate Bromley 2008' and the launch of 'Creative Bromley 2009'. The exhibition will be at the Central Library, Bromley from 1st-15th April – so you need to get your skates on! See for details and please liaise with Ann Holdway.

Members who were not present at the last meeting will wish to congratulate Allan Davies for winning the Jack Hill Cup for services to the Society.

Allan beavers away at many things, but the most visible aspect of his work is The Easel, our lovely coffee table magazine. Why not celebrate his award by sending him pictures and articles for the next edition? Producing The Easel is a lot of work, which starts with chasing people for content, so give our Boyyo a hand. Past editions are reproduced on the website or you can browse all the cover pictures directly.
The best picture in every edition features on the front page and attracts a prize from our sponsors …

Two members' exhibitions to announce:

Allan Davies - Paintings 28 March - 30 April 2009
Sir Peter Blake Gallery, Dartford Library
Central Park, Dartford, Kent. DA1 1EU
T. 01322 221 133

Bernie Victor - Solo exhibition in the Park Cafe, Dulwich Park from April 13th
until April 26th. It is open from 8.00 till 19.00 every day
He also has one painting in the Silver Views, an exhibition of older people’s
work, will run from April 16 at Cottons Centre, Bankside. Finishes April 30.

I try to keep a list of these online.


Issue 4 - April 22nd 2009 - Sweet May

This month's newsletter is short and sweet - come and listen to John Ireland talking on "Painting water and figures in water" on Friday, 1st May. As usual the talk starts at 8pm and will be held at
Verrall Hall, Bromley United Reformed Church, 20 Widmore  Road, Bromley. BR1 1RY.

There is still just time to see Allan Davies's paintings
28 March - 30 April 2009
Sir Peter Blake Gallery, Dartford Library, Central Park, Dartford, Kent. DA1 1EU


Bernie Victor
Still  Life’s and Other Paintings
Pavilion Café, Dulwich Park, College Road, Dulwich Village SE21
From April 13th until April 26th, 9.00 am till 6.00pm

Finally, Allan is once again looking for contributions to The Easel.

Please feel free to add any short reviews and news to the forums online.

And from our Hon Sec  ....

Creative Bromley

This is a new annual competition organised by Bromley’s Parks and Landscape department with the support of several local art societies. A leaflet with the entry form and all the details has been sent to  every member so this is just a reminder that you need to register your  entry by 18th June.  Paintings etc need to be delivered to Ripley on 27th July.

Good Luck!

Bromley Artists on Show

Group exhibition of paintings by the artists who paint together at the Wednesday session in the studio at Ripley. Exhibition dates Tuesday 28th April to May 29th Preview Monday 27th April 7 - 9pm

Wrotham Arts Festival

Friday May 8th to Sunday May 10th. Display of paintings, sculptures, ceramics and other crafts.  Held in the St George's Church and the church hall where refreshments will be available.

Issue 9 - Sept 20th 2009 - The Art Game and Christmas Fair at BEECHE

Two successes and two calls for your support:

(1) We had an excellent talk last month from Caroline Smith on the archives at Bethlem Hospital. There was a moderate rather than excellent turnout, which was a shame for such a good talk. This month we have the intriguingly entitled
"The Art Game" from Monty Parkin - so please come and join us and fill the hall!

Date: Friday 2nd October

Venue etc as usual:  8pm Verrall Hall, Bromley United Reformed Church, 20 Widmore  Road, Bromley. BR1 1RY

There is plenty of parking roundabout and non-members are welcome for a small fee.

(2) 6 of us exhibited at BEECHE earlier in September (Bromley Environmental Education Centre at High Elms). This was the first event in a joint venture between BAS and BEECHE and we had a fantastic time - as did many visitors including some other BAS members. We had a small exhibition of completed works and were able to demonstrate painting and drawing outside in the sun.

The second event will be held on Sat 7th and Sun 8th November and we have decided to have a Christmas theme. We want to display (and sell) cards, paintings, pottery, ceramics, sculpture and similar gifts. It is unlikely to be warm enough to paint outside, but there is a veranda for a quick sketch or two if the weather is kind enough.

We want you to join us either to exhibit or to drag friends / family / neighbours / colleagues or complete strangers to visit.

If visiting, tempt your guests with the additional prospect of a beautiful walk around High Elms, or the deliciously smelling cafe attached to the centre. We all fell for the bacon sandwiches. Publicity is going to be the difficulty with this venue, so please help get the message out. We also need to reach BAS members who are not on email, as time is short.

If you want to exhibit, there will be a 20% commission on sales and a small hanging fee. We shall need help with stewarding. There is probably space for 1 or 2 small paintings each, or a few 3D pieces or some cards.

As this is a new venture we are feeling our way a little and I am looking for expressions of interest first. Please let me know what you would like to exhibit, by email or post to a committee member (Addresses in The Easel and remember there is industrial action!)

I need Title; Medium; Size of each piece in descending order of preference in case there is insufficient space for all!

Vol 3 - 2010

Issue 1 - Jan 7th 2010 - Blank Canvas

With the world outside looking remarkably like a blank canvas, what better time to say


to you all from Bromley Art Society's Website.

The society's canvas is no longer blank however - the programme provides the first outline of an artistic year ahead. We have some very colourful speakers, but I need to be careful with the analogies here to avoid the impression that they are just blocking in. I already feel the need to argue with October's speaker, Anthony Slinn, whose website describes him as "Probably the most unknown artist in the world."

You will find the programme online . It is also on the membership card and in the last Easel. You might notice slight differences in wording, but I think we are all describing the same events. As usual any updates will appear on the website and in these newsletters.

Our first meeting is not until February, so you will have to contain your impatience till then. In the meantime, anyone who means to rejoin and has not yet done so ...... Brenda is waiting for you. Do encourage others to join too.

I have revamped the list of members exhibitions. I am sorry if I missed one or two over the last few weeks when life has been rather hectic. I am very happy to advertise exhibitions for members, but please email me the details in as simple as form as possible. There is room for a small image.

The new list starts with a single entry from the indefatigable Allan G H Davies, who has produced 17 new oils (and only two new initials) for an exhibition entitled, and in, Dartford.

Allan would also like your copy and pictures for the next edition of "The Easel". He didn't ask me to say this, but he always does need them so I thought I would get it in first. The Easel is something we should be proud of and Allan puts a lot of effort into it - so please keep him supplied with copy. Most of it I pinch for the web site sooner or later as well.

I am sure you have all been painting away since we last met so please send him some pictures. Don't forget that we have a nice gallery of members' art so please create or refresh your own gallery (instructions are there too)


Issue 2 - Jan 30th 2010 - Start the year with the bang ...

Picture of gavel from/ of a gavel, as our auctioneer Peter Dinsmore rattles through the lots at our first meeting this coming Friday.

This is your chance to sell things as well! Please bring any unwanted Christmas gifts, or anything replaced by a gift that could be enjoyed by someone else. The Society charges a commission (I have forgotten the percentage – possibly 20%)

In addition to the auction there will be sales of books, art materials and mosaics. It is also of course our AGM, with hotly fought contests for the key committee posts. Webmaster anyone?

This meeting will be on Friday 5th February at 8pm, in Verrall Hall, Bromley United Reformed Church, 20 Widmore Road, Bromley. BR1 1RY. There is usually plenty of parking space in surrounding streets. I hope to see you there!

We now have dates for the first three meetings of BAS@BEECHE (Bromley Environmental Education Centre at High Elms). This is a joint venture with BEECHE which we started last year, to promote both the Society and the Centre. We had great fun and made some sales – we hope the latter will increase as this becomes an established event. The dates so far are: 10-11 April, 12-13 June, 21-22 August. Please consider joining us to exhibit, to paint and draw or just to chat to each other and the public. For those who don't know High Elms, there are lovely walks with ponds, woods and fields, and a very welcoming cafe.

Issue 3 - Feb 27th 2010 - I think I have to call this Printerly

Our illustrated lecture in March will be given by Peter Richards on Friday 5th March. He will be talking about the four basic techniques of printing used by artists, an unusual topic that we have not covered in the Society - at least in my time in it. Peter also paints in printing inks which produces very vivid works. It's not often that I can say that I know the speaker - but Peter is a friend of mine and I think we are in for a treat. He is an ex member (and committee member) of Bromley Society and I hope that you will welcome him back with a large audience.

As with all these talks, it will be held in the Verrall Hall, United Reform Church, Widmore Road, Bromley BR1 1RY, starting at 8pm.

At our first meeting of the Society this year, and AGM, the Jack Hill cup was presented to Peter Dinsmore for all his work as exhibitions secretary - and many other things.  Well done!

There is plenty of space for new galleries on the Society's web site, or to refresh your existing one. There are some stunning new works at present from Christine Mallion, Derek Burt, Ailsa Chapman, Allan Davies and Peter Cox. Thanks to all of them. You can see the latest additions at the updates page . Of course if you upload your work, you can displace them from this list ....

Peter Cox has uploaded his work ih preparation for an exhibition at the Ripley Arts Centre titled Spanish Flavours which will run from April 6th to April 31st 2010. The open evening will be on the 6th from 7-9 pm with an open invitation to all.

Don't forget our new series of exhibitions BAS@BEECHE at High Elms. The first will be 10th - 11th April. We have had great fun at these last year, with a certain amount of Ripley style communal painting alongside the exhibitions themeselves. We are hoping that having regular events there will get us a new audience, both for the Society and for individual sales. Why not join us and submit a picture or two?


Issue 4 - Mar 28th 2010 - Art@Home, BAS@BEECHE - An Art Feast

Art@Home: Our April meeting is not the first Friday of the month as is our usual custom. I have therefore designated Friday 2nd April as Art@Home Friday. Have a Happy Easter!

The weekend of the 9th - 11th is something of an Art Feast however. Bromley Art Society's Illustrated Lecture for April will be on Friday 9th April. We look forward to welcoming Caroline Aston who is going to demonstrate a watercolour landscape. The meeting will start at 8pm and take place in the
Verrall Hall, Bromley United Reformed Church
20 Widmore Road, Bromley. BR1 1RY.

Don't forget we now have a projection system, and we welcome non-members to these lectures - there is a small fee. Plenty of parking in the surrounding streets.

BAS@BEECHE: The weekend of the 10th & 11th April sees another one of our exhibitions and demos at High Elms. The "official" time is 12 - 4, but we shall be in at 10 to set up.

Exhibitors - BAS members are welcome to exhibit - please let me know roughly how many artworks (paintings, drawings, ceramics, mosaics, cards, sculptures) you want to show. If you have already told me, it might be wise to tell me again as I have been very busy recently! These are very informal affairs and we have ended up painting much as at Ripley, often with an admiring crowd. Exhibitors will need to steward, but we arrange that on the day unless you want to tell me beforehand. We need to be cleared up and out by 4pm on Sunday.

Visitors - do please come and join us if you are not exhibiting, and bring all your friends and relations. This really is a fun event and is as much about promoting Art in general and BAS in particular as it is about selling work. These exhibitions also help out the BEECHE centre and we work closely with them. There are always plenty of lovely things to see on walks at High Elms, not to mention the Green Roof Cafe and its fabulous bacon sandwiches.

Members Spring Exhibition: Sadly this has been cancelled as the Central Library's building works are now going ahead. We are all hoping that an exhibition space will arise from the ruins of the current one, without much reason to hope ....

All the more reason therefore to make best use of the several BAS@BEECHE events this year, and the Ripley Exhibition in May for those entitled.

One last item: The website took a hammering recently at the hands of a software bug. Many of the items disappeared, particularly the archive of previous issues of "The Easel". I have spent a lot of time stiching it all back together again. Please browse around it to help me check that I have assembled articles and issues correctly. You will realise what a terrific amount of work Allan Davies puts into producing "The Easel". He is always on the prowl for new articles and pictures, so please send him some.

Issue 5 - Apr 11th 2010 - Record sales for BAS@BEECHE

I thought you might like to know that we made £248.90 in sales of paintings, cards, mosaics etc at BEECHE this weekend. We also made £52.30 in "hanging fees". The first figure is credible - I don't quite know how we made £52.30 at £3.00 per person! Both figures broke our previous records for BEECHE events.

The reason for this is quite clear - we had a fantastic turnout of artists with a huge variety of works. Once again everyone had fun, painting, chatting in the sunshine and eating chocolate cake and bacon sandwiches. Having the artists "working" there and enjoying themselves clearly brings the audience / customers in.

The other key to our success is advertising - so please start making preparations for the next BAS@BEECHE event on the 12th and 13th June 2010 and get the date out to all your friends, neighbours, colleagues and family.

and in other news:

A group visit to the Art Gallery at Bethlem Hospital has been arranged. If members are interested in joining in but have not yet put their name down on the list, please let Pat Tucker know as soon as possible. The time is 2.00pm on 27th May 2010. We are to meet in the Main Entrance Hall of the Hospital which is in Monks Orchard Road, West Wickham.

Issue 6 - May 2nd 2010 - Life Drawing with Bromley Art Society

Our "illustrated lecture" slot in May is not going to be a lecture but a life drawing session with a model. I for one have never done this before, so I am looking forward to it - but with a little nervousness! Here are two pieces of advice from our luminaries.

Allan Davies's advice (from a much longer article in the Spring edition of The Easel): Bring your own kit to the BAS session. If you have a protable easel and board to which to clip your paper, bring them as it is easier to draw from life on a near vertical plane. Charcoal and white chalk or pastels are good to start with. Good quality soft pencils enable fine drawing of details. Leave your pencil eraser at home! Bring plenty of paper. It's also handy to have some wipes or a rag to clean your hands.

Pat Tucker's advice: Bring the art materials that you think you will need, depending on how you wish to work - eg - pencils, pens, ink, charcoal, paints, pastels and paper and a board or other firm base on which to work. Remember that you will have less than two hours to work so drawing rather than painting is advised. Drawing is also cleaner in the Church Hall - if you do decide to paint you should also bring some floor protection. Bring an easel if you prefer but tables will be provided.

As always, the session starts at 8pm but Allan advises arriving in plenty of time.

Friday 7th May 2010, 8pm Verrall Hall, Bromley United Reformed Church, 20 Widmore Road, Bromley. BR1 1RY.

See you there

Issue 7 - May 26th 2010 - Exhibitions at Denbies and BEECHE

1) Message from Pat Tucker about Denbies Vineyard Exhibition (21st - 27th

This is a message for all those Members who intend to exhibit at our
exhibition at Denbies Vineyard.  As you will know, in common with our general
practice, all exhibitors are expected to take a turn at stewarding  the show.  
It is realised that this venue is further away from the Bromley area than most
and it is for this reason that the Committee is willing to transport your
pictures to and from the venue as well as hanging them for you.  They cannot
also be expected to do all of the stewarding.

I hope as many of you as are possibly able will volunteer and not look upon it
as a chore but as an opportunity for a pleasurable day out.  The vineyard is
visited by people from all parts of the country - many much further away than

The exhibition space overlooks the main entrance to the building as well as
providing a clear view of the exhibition itself - there are always people
milling about and many studying the work on show.   On the ground floor is a
splendid shop and cafe area. Nearby the building is a nursery, with its own
shop and surrounding it is the largest vineyard in the country.  Guided trips
round the vineyard and wine making areas are available when your stewarding
stint is over - or before it begins.

The best way of getting there is by road and there is plenty of parking.  The
journey from Bromley takes about an hour.   Dorking railway station is on the
road out to the vineyard but a local bus would be needed to its front gate
from which there is quite a long walk to the central building.

If you find the prospect of getting there too difficult please talk to other
members who are going so that you could beg a lift with them or, if all else
fails persuade a friend to share the outing with you. 

2) BAS @ BEECHE (12th - 13th June)

Please let me know if you would like to join us for this increasingly popular
event. I should be grateful if someone could pass the message on to those
Ripley group members not on email. More details to follow shortly.

It's going to be a busy month!

Issue 8 - May 28th 2010 - Summer Salad

Here is a salad of notes, written in some haste!

1) Sandra Martin is unable to do the demo (abstract in acrylic with collage) so Pat Tucker will do a demo in acrylic instead at the meeting on 4th June.

2) Crafty Arts in Brentwood is closing, and has a closing down sale for the next few weeks. Their Bluewater branch remains open.

3) Our friends at BEECHE High Elms are having a Bio-diversity Family fun day, on Bank holiday Monday, 31st May, 11.00am - 4.00pm.

4) Three in One
Sue Howes and Ann Holdway are joined by Tessa Knott to bring you an array of arts and crafts to delight your eye, inspire and tempt you to reach for your purse, wallet, cheque book. Paintings, jewellery, fused glass, silk scarves, felt work, bags, mosaics, cards.

When: June 5/6/10/12/13/17/19/20 10.30 - 4 pm each day
At: 4 Park Grove, Bromley, Kent, BR1 3HR
Directions: From Bromley take A222 East, turn left into Freelands Road. At crossroads turn left into Park Road, then immediately right. Number 4 is on the right. From Chislehurst take A222, turn right into Freelands Road and follow directions above.

5) I am still looking for artists to join us at BEECHE on the 12th and 13th June. See previous email for details, catch me at the Talk on Friday or see it on the web when I have time to put it there! Hope to see many of you on Friday 4th

Issue 9 - Jun 20th 2010 - Criticise Yourself

Allan Davies will be hosting a criticism evening for Bromley Art Society's
July meeting. This will be on Friday 2nd July at 8pm in Verrall Hall, Bromley
United Reformed Church, 20 Widmore Road, Bromley. BR1 1RY.

Please bring along 2 of your works if you wish, and do join in the discussion.
Of course there will not be much to discuss if you only bring absolutely
perfect works!

Peter Richards, our March speaker on printing techniques, has an exhibition of
his recent work, paintings and prints on paper, called MUSIC FOR THE EYE. This
will be held at
Jeannie Avent Gallery, 14 North Cross Road, East Dulwich, SE 22
Open Friday 25th, Saturday 26th, Sunday 27th June
Friday 1st, Saturday 2nd and Sunday 3rd July between 11am and 4.30pm
Private Views: Friday 25th June 6.00-8.30pm and Sunday 27th June 12-4pm

Good Luck to all those exhibiting at Denbies. We don't get much of a mention
on their web site, but it does help if you need directions.

Issue 10 - Jun 30th 2010 - Outing with West Wickham Art Society

Message from Carol Crouch:

As you may know I am also Chairman of West Wickham Art Society. We have a coach outing on Sunday 11th July to Strand on the Green which is near Kew Bridge. We leave from outside the Post Office in West Wickham at 9.00 and the
cost is £10 per person. We have a few places on the coach at the moment and if any members would like to join us please contact me on 0208 462 3642. I hope to be at the criticism evening so members could always talk to me there.
There is an excellent site for Strand on the Green on the internet.

I wonder if Carol means this website?

See this one also

Issue 11 - Sept 14th 2010 - Two autumn exhibitions

Sent on behalf of Christine Richards:

Foal Farm, the animal sanctuary near Downe, is organising a fund-raising event on 9th October and has invited members of Bromley Art Society to contribute paintings for an auction. They would particularly like work inspired by Foal Farm and its animals but would welcome any paintings, especially of wild life and the countryside. Members are invited either to donate the whole amount raised or 20% of the purchase price. Paintings should be available by 29th September and arrangements can be made to take them to Foal Farm. Anyone interested should contact either Ann Holdway or Christine Richards.

Art in the Garden at Harcourt House, 2nd - 3rd October. Some of our members are organising a fund-raising exhibition in aid of the NSPCC at Harcourt House, Grasmere Road, Bromley BR1 4BB on 2nd and 3rd October from 10am to 5pm each day. This famous garden is part of the National Gardens Scheme (Yellow Book) and is open to the public on special days throughout the year. Visitors will be able to walk round the gardens as well as see (and buy) the art and craft work, much of which will be displayed in the Victorian Conservatory. Hot and cold drinks and cakes will be available. Entry £3.

Issue 12 - Sept 26th 2010 - A busy October ahead

There are so many fantastic things on offer to us this month that I have created an index for you to help you find all the stories!

+Wetherspoons needs YOU!

+Exhibition at St Luke's Church Bromley.

+Sir Joseph Swan - Bromley’s bright spark

+BAS Meeting 1st October: Anthony Slinn on Vincent van Gogh

+Harcourt House Exhibition


Wetherspoons needs YOU!

Graham Adkins has approached Bromley Art Society with this proposition: I am working for a pub refurbishment company based in Colchester and we are to put together an art package for our client- JD Wetherspoon, who we are working with to refurbish a site in Bromley town center.

We will be looking to buy artwork produced by local artists, ranging from sculptural work to Oil paintings/Photography. Our client will want to see a range of styles of artwork, and will require photographic imagery of the works, dimensions and prices - I understand that artists sometimes find it hard to value their work but we will need to know rough costing as we have to work within a budget.However this is not to say that for the right artwork our client will be prepared to purchase something of value.

The usual style for JD Weatherspoon is traditional painting / drawings etc, ideally with a local theme.  Anything too Modern/Abstract they usually dismiss.  All 2D artwork, we will be required to frame ourselves to be in keep with the overall style.  All artwork to be sent to us rather than site.

We have been known to commission Local artists.  However we are working to a time scale of 3 - 5 weeks. Local Landscapes, artwork of the exterior of the pub, artwork based on a local theme (e.g.. HG Wells & Charles Darwin lived in Bromley) are all possibilities, but will be agreed at a later date.

Graham Adkins
FDM Artwork
Tel:  01206 764164
Fax: 01206 764264



Exhibition at St Luke's Church Bromley.

Chance to exhibit up to 3 paintings in an exhibition in the church. Delivery on the 14th of October to the Church, times 10 - 12.30 or 3.30 - 5 pm St Luke's Bromley Common, Southlands Road BR2 9 PD. Or to Peter Dinsmore prior to the 14th - call him on 020 8464 1800 to make arrangements or deliver paintings to Ripley Art Centre on Wednesday 13th between 10 am and 4 pm 24 Sundridge Avenue Bromley BR1 2PX.No entry fee. Church takes 20%.

Exhibition runs from the 15th of October to the 17th, Friday is for schools only, there are tours of the Church over the weekend ring Cannon Mike Insley on 020 8464 2076 for further details.



Sir Joseph Swan - Bromley’s bright spark. 8th October

“Story of London, 1-10 October” is a celebration of London’s rich history with over 100 events taking place across the city.

The Bromley United Services Club is taking part with ‘Sir Joseph Swan; Bromley’s bright spark’.

Sir Joseph Swan (1828-1914) was the inventor of the incandescent electric light bulb. He lived in Bromley from 1883-94 where he refined his invention making it practical for everyday use. This evening is a celebration of his work. At 6.45 there will be a display of work by local schoolchildren who have been working with Bromley Museum to light up a house using a simple circuit and light bulbs, accompanied by a display outlining Swan’s Bromley connections and legacy, researched by staff at Bromley Libraries, Archives and Museum.

This is followed at 7.30 by a talk & demonstration of Swan’s work by Dr. Ian Edwards of Newcastle University. At 8.15 there is a showing of the BBC film “Mr Swan’s Electric Light: the story of a great inventor” first shown in 1979, telling the story of his life and work.

See for more information about the Story of London.

Bromley United Services Club
‘Sir Joseph Swan; Bromley’s bright spark.’
08 October. Doors open 6.45 to view children’s display, 7.30 talk, 8.15 film.
Free. Tickets from Bromley Local Studies & Archives in advance or on the door (if available).



BAS Meeting 1st October: Anthony Slinn on Vincent van Gogh

And finally don't forget our own Society's meeting. Slinn is described on what I think is his own website as "Probably the most unknown artist in the world." - something I wish to disagree with. However his lecture looks as if it is going to be a little different! Why not join us? 8pm Verrall Hall, Bromley United Reformed Church, 20 Widmore Road, Bromley. BR1 1RY. Non members are welcome.


Make a weekend of it by visiting the “Art in the Garden”event co-hosted by Christine Richards in aid of the NSPCC at  Harcourt House, Grasmere Road, Bromley BR1 4BB on 2nd and 3rd October from 10am to 5pm each day. The Garden itself wins awards – see previous newsletter.

Issue 13 - Oct 13th 2010 - Our borough, our future – let’s talk

Ann Holdway, Bromley Art Society's Hon Sec, has asked for this to be circulated to our members:

Our borough, our future – let’s talk

A series of meetings have been organised by Bromley Council to take place in November. The Leader of the Council, Councillor Stephen Carr, is inviting all those who live and work in the borough to join leading Councillors and senior officers and have their say about where they think the money should be spent as the Council sets the budget for 2011/12.  From parks to town centres, social care to schools, housing, or the  the safer communities, the leaders of the Council wants to  know what’s important to Bromley people.

Said Councillor Stephen Carr, Leader of the Council:

“I want as many people living and working in Bromley to come along and talk about what matters to them, what services they value most in our borough and where they think the money should be spent.  In these  challenging times I am determined that as a Council we continue to  give value for money, to reduce waste in any form by looking at how we do things and how we deliver our services.  As ever we will do all we  can to keep Council tax low while minimising any impact on frontline  services.  Bromley Council exists to serve our people, to strive for  excellence in their eyes and as we continue Building a Better Bromley  it is imperative we listen and respond to their views for the good of  our borough and our future.”

The Council is encouraging as many people as possible to come along  and have their say, and if you’d like any leaflets or posters to  promote the meeting please contact, 020 8313 4390 or you can find and visit the Council’s website at Our borough,  our future - let's talk to download the leaflet.

The meetings, which are from 7.30pm – 9pm, will take place as follows:
Wednesday, 17 November, Beckenham Public Hall, Beckenham, BR3 5JE
Tuesday, 23 November, Orpington Methodist Church, BR6 9JH
Thursday, 25 November, Civic Centre, Bromley, BR1 3UH

To ensure people are as well informed as possible, the Council will be posting up-to-date information about the 2011-12 budget on  the week before the meetings.

As well as giving residents and business an opportunity to highlight what matters most in their eyes so their view can be reflected in the Council’s budget and service planning for 2011/12, the meetings will also include the opportunity to ask leading Councillors questions about the public services we provide.

All venues provide access for people with disabilities and a hearing  loop; if you need further information or help about this please  contact Janet Johnson, 020 8313 4327 or Tea and coffee will be served after the meetings.

Issue 14 - Oct 17th 2010 - 4 Corners: Be prepared!

The Society's November event will be "Four Corners" - that is, 4 simultaneous demonstrations by members.

I shall be demonstrating how to process photographs of your art works and upload them to the Society's website. This is an early warning to allow you time to do your homework: Please bring photos of your works on either CD or USB stick - I may even be able to download them from your camera.

I am going to try to run a live update to the real website so that the world will be able to see your work by the end of the session. Computers are reluctant beasts at best and there is no provision for a practice shot, so it will be interesting to see what really happens!

Please pass the message on to fellow members who don't have email access. I hope to be able to send a full newsletter with detalis of all the "corners" in due course.

Issue 15 - Oct 30th 2010 - Fighting our corners - Know who your friends are

Bromley Art Society's November event will be "Four Corners" - that is, four simultaneous demonstrations by members. Join us on 5th November at 8pm in the Verrall Hall, Bromley United Reformed Church, 20 Widmore Road, Bromley. BR1 1RY.

The 'corners' will be:

Allan Davies
        demonstrating how to take photographs of paintings without distortion and get them into a PC. He will have a camera and a laptop with Photoshop installed. Please bring paintings.

Adrian Fowle
        demonstrating how to process and upload photographs to the Society's website, hopefully with a live internet feed. Please bring photos of your works on either CD or USB stick. I may even be able to download them from your camera. We will try to link to Allan's and Adrian's demo.

Sue Howes
        beading - making jewellery with beads (and also using wires for some)

Derrick Waller
        - pottery - carving plates

There will be an exhibition at Bromley Central Library entitled "Exhibition of Art by Pat Tucker and Friends"

Usually reliable sources tell me that the Friends include husband Leslie and Ann Holdway. They will be showing watercolours, oils, pottery and mosaics on Floor 1 at Bromley Central Library from 04 to 17 November 2010 during the hours  9:30 - 5.

Issue 16 - Oct 30th 2010 - BAS@Beeche Christmas Fair 27th & 28th November

Yes - there were two newsletters on the same day!

For our last exhibition this year at BEECHE, High Elms we are ringing the changes by making this a Christmas event. There will be stalls showing pottery, mosaics, beading, fused glass, silk scarves and jewellery in addition to cards, bookmarks and paintings in several media. We are also holding a children's activity, making Christmas cards to be run by volunteers and a lucky dip. Christmas Fair is 27th and 28th of November.

If you are interested in taking part please let Adrian know. We also need help with donations for the lucky dip, items can be for children and adults - it would be lovely if they were wrapped in Christmas paper or coloured tissue! If you can spare any odds and ends that could be used in the card making session please pass them to Adrian, Christine or Ann. We welcome extra publicity - any suggestions please pass to Christine Richards.

You can bring items to the Four Corners on Friday 5th, or drop them off at Ripley on a Wednesday from 10am - 4pm.

Thank you for your help. Look forward to seeing you on Friday.

Ann Holdway