Interview - Caroline Palier


Ed: How long have you been involved with BAS?

C: Since July this year.

Ed: What first inspired you to paint?

C: When I was 12 and started Art tuition. I loved Miro and Kandisky; their style fascinated me, as it was different. For me, Abstract is what is found in the experience of what the picture provides and that demands prolonged contemplation. Their work inspires me to this date and that is why I paint my own version of Abstract.

Ed: What has been the most satisfying of your artistic achievements?

C: My satisfaction is when people recognise my work as a part of themselves and connect with the emotions coming out of the painting; their souls have been touched.

Ed: Outside of the Art world what is your favourite pastime?

C: Alternative and complementary medicine, reading spiritual and medical books, travelling and discovering other cultures, learning and teaching.

Ed: What is your favourite place and why?

C: Sedona in Arizona. It’s a magical and spiritual place surrounded by nature with beautiful landscapes of mountains, little forests and rivers going through - a very peaceful place.

Ed: Do you think Art is relevant to the majority of people today or is it an elitist minority interest?

C: I think that nowadays everybody can buy Art at affordable prices. The Affordable Art Fair is a good way to meet artists and their original work and get Art for under £3,000.

Ed: From the books you have read and the exhibitions you may have visited - what would you recommend to others?

C: I would say to express who you are and do what resonates with you instead of trying to copy Art. Be creative in your own right! Be aware of what is happening in the Art world.

Ed: How would you encourage someone who has recently found pleasure in doing Art?

C: Join a Society to mix with liked-minded people and share information -:try different types of medium and decide which one is better for your style or liking and simply enjoy what you are creating.