Issue 1 - Jan 29th 2011 - 2011 starts here ....

Bromley Art Society's programme for 2011 swings into gear this coming Friday, the 4th Feb. Peter Richards, who last year demonstrated printing techniques to us, will lead a debate about Art under the title "Eating the Gobstopper". We are expecting a good audience, so please come and join in.

As usual, kick off will be at 8pm, in the Verrall Hall, Bromley United Reform Church, 20 Widmore Road, Bromley BR1 1RY. Guests are welcome for a small fee.

When we have got you all nicely warmed up, we are going to try and slip the fastest possible AGM past you without you noticing ....

And the Auction mentioned on the green membership cards has been replaced by a Bring and Buy Sale before the meeting and over tea.

The only other news concerns our website. It has been under attack throughout January from spammers and other low life. Many other sites are reporting the same problem. I am not sure why there should be this sudden surge. I have implemented extra protection measures which have been successful so far. However there is a possibility that genuine users may have difficulties, particularly when registering for the first time. Please let me know if this happens, and put anyone affected in touch with me directly.

It isn't news to most of you that we have a gallery of works on the website.  Why not change the pictures you have on display there, or if you don't have a gallery, give it a go? Instructions are on the site and a few of us are able
to offer help.

Allan will no doubt also be seeking your contributions for "The Easel" in words or images. You can find his contact details in previous editions or you can contact him through the contact form on this website abd choose "Easel" from the dropdown menu.

See you on Friday!