Membership and Subscriptions

The number of members of the Society has almost recovered to the level of five years ago, which has reflected the increasing diversity of the Society’s activities, such as the Wednesday art group organised by Peter Dinsmore, and the variation in our venues for exhibitions, particularly this year.

To maintain a prosperous and stable Society, the membership needs to be about 180 or more, which we have now achieved.

The Committee has been reviewing the Society’s finances, and as a result, the individual subscription for 2007 will be £15. The joint membership will remain at £20. This reflects the increased postal charges this year and the rise in fees for many of our speakers/demonstrators for the monthly meetings at the Verral Hall in Bromley.

The attendance at these meetings remains fairly constant and it is hoped that next year more members will be interested to come. The programme for these meetings will be published shortly.

Malcolm Tait