BAS Exhibitions

What a sun-soaked, fun-filled, creative sharing weekend held at Beeches last weekend...


It has been years since I've painted in the great outdoors, and once you get over the initial shock of all the curious passer-by's - it actually is a lot of fun! And can I just say; the day could not have been more glorious with light, blue skies and not even a breeze in the air.

So there I was, armed with a brush, board, paint – but no easel. Luckily Allan came prepared and ever so kindly lend me his spare. So, setting up camp on the timber bench facing the Beeches café’, I set out to paint a variation on the theme – through the eyes of a slight impressionistic flavour – with lots of naivety and just good old fun.

The result was a slightly disappointing first attempt – I felt a bit restricted, perhaps a lack of confidence or just plain and simple nerves. So, I had to tame the beast and set out on the Sunday – same spot, same view – but perhaps through a brighter palette.

This time, the onlookers came by their (which seemed like) hundreds! Even old patrons came to show their support (the delightful Mrs. Vera and family, who reminded me that I “only think I am an artist”, which of course I totally agree to!).

The day was topped by my wife and 1 point 10 month old boy, bringing a picnic of cream tea and to my boys delight – “bubbles!”

Thank you to all the hard working folks at BAS – and can I also just add how absolutely efficient they are!

Here’s to the next big bad bash from BAS.