The Glades

Finally, we're going to be having an exhibition in the Glades. This is very exciting news for all members. We have the unit from 16th August to 28 September. We will be using the first 2 days to set it all up to look awesome. All help welcomed. Please check your emails to find out how to be part of this. Our exhibition organiser will be in touch.

We know 6 weeks is a long time to show work, but we hope to rotate work so more can be shown. I don't know about you, but I'm jumping up and down at the prospect.

Also this will take a huge amount of work. A few members of the committee have already been hard at work getting everything ready. It will be expected that all those who exhibited will help with the stewarding. We will not be keeping full shopping hours. Also those who just love art, are welcome to volunteer. The more the merrier.

Some of you will have already

Some of you will have already received an email from Deborah in regards to the exhibition. The documents have also been uploaded on here. I hope loads of you join.

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