Guideline to Costs for Exhibitions...

I was wondering what the guideline for selling your art at the various Exhibitions held through BAS during the year is.

I note from the annual meeting that the sales in general, weren’t exactly dinamite - and were wondering whether it was due to:

1. Lack of interest of the public not attending?

2. The sale price of the art was too expensive?

3. Or perhaps too Cheap and people felt they didn't perhaps get quality in parting with a few quid?

4. Any other?


Secondly, I thought we should perhaps brainstorm for ideas on how to get more exposure for BAS and the works we produce. (Write your ideas on this Forum)Consider that every house in Bromley does have some form of (something) on their walls. Maybe we can get some prints replaced with original art (from the Artists at BAS) in the people’s houses in Bromley! or even further afield...


 MORE PUBLICITY. One billboard outside is not nearly enough. Publicity through mentions in local papers, handout leaflets , posters for display in local shops, libraries. Mention on Facebook and Twitter.

Editors of local papers and free magazines will usually give you a mention.

Publicity - we need your help!

We do have a publicity officer, who works hard at these things. We currently have support from some local papers, but others are not interested at all. Posters and billboards are more widespread than you suggest but it is expensive and hard work.

The website does help a bit. I have thought about the social media, but I am wary of them personally and I have not had time to pursue them on behalf of BAS.

I have suggested that we parade around the pedestrian area in the High Street, wearing sandwich boards with copies of our works, but that was unpopular.

Word of mouth is also important. If every member / exhibitor encourages friends, family, neighbours and colleagues to come that helps too.

The committee would welcome fresh ideas and more help!

Art exhibitions.

 This is a difficult question. It is very difficult to judge how much to charge. One teacher I had always said that it was bad to price anything under £75.00, but you had to be sure that the work was good enough to warant the price. If works are badly over priced a gentle hint from the organiser might help, the same would apply to under-pricing. I think a minimum price of £50.00 fshould possibly apply.

I think that we could do with more browsers. At the Horniman exhibition a higher percentage of work is sold from the browsers than off the walls. Sales of cards could also help.

I think that the hanging needs more thought. Either keep each entrants work together, or try and theme works together, might help. Decent frames always help or for some oils and acrylics no frames at all.


Poor sales during 2010? Yes

Poor sales during 2010? Yes indeed. Why? The easy answer is the state of the economy. Another cites two important factors: the annual Spring exhibition was cancelled by Bromley Library because the exhibition space was supposed to be revamped and the huge increase in venue fee for the annual open exhibition persuaded us that it should be abandoned until a better venue at a more reasonable cost could be found. The exhibition programme for this year suggests that there could be far better sales.

We need to encourage members to exhibit work, well finished and well presented, to attract buyers. I contend that too often prices are set too low for some work and far too high for the rest. I wonder if it would be acceptable to members if a couple of veterans with knowledge of quality and value could set the prices.

Now that's something to chew over!

Guideline to Costs for Exhibitions

I would be more than willing for someone to help me with setting a price for my artwork. Maybe those who would be willing to do that could make themselves known then it could be a private arrangement. But please, I would like someone with a bit of tact, diplomacy and kindness. I don't need someone who is brutally honest after I have sweat blood and tears over something I considered to be a masterpiece.

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