Jerwood Gallery at Hastings

I have just had a fabulous day out in Hastings in early spring sunshine, with a walk along the shingle beach, a good meal at Ye Odle Pump House and a pint of Shepherd Neame from nearby Faversham.

The goal of the trip was however the Jerwood Gallery which opened last Saturday. The building is faced with Kentish tiles in a brown colour which complement the unique fishing huts nearby. Inside is a light and airy space. There are enormous windows from which one can see the sea, the cliffs, brightly coloured boats and a very varied architecture - and posters demanding "No to Jerwood". It was the grumbles of the fisherman on a radio documentary that alerted me to the gallery's existence.

I did not think much of the inaugural exhibition by Rose Wylie entitled "Big Boys Sit in the Front".

I really did enjoy the other rooms, which showed part of the Jerwood Foundation's collection of 20th and 21st century British Art. I saw works by Ben Nicholson and Walter Sickert, but also many works by artists I had not previously come across. The labelling of the works is inconsistent, but otherwise the display is well managed. The rooms are of different sizes and used to show groups of works with a theme. The lighting is good. The number of visitors was low on a breezy Wednesday, which made for great viewing, but they deserve bigger crowds and I suspect will get them.