Past & Future Exhibition

So who is entering? I hope you've all been working hard. Don't forget that it's Friday 19th in the morning, the picture need to be at Ripley Arts Centre for hanging in the afternoon. If the time is inconvenient, please contact the committee using the contact us email at to see if we can make other arrangements.

I'm looking forward to seeing all the different interpretations.

It was a shame that a burst

It was a shame that a burst water main resulted in the cancelation of the BAS monthly meeting. I hope to see all the pictures again for the Summer Fair.

Should we do it again?

I don't remember an exhibition for which we have restricted both the topic and the size. It gives the exhibition an identity as whole which is very different from our usual anarchic mixture. Should we do something like that again? I suspect that it is not the route to achieving sales, but it is a collective work of art which is not a bad thing for an art society!

past and future exhibition

I think the idea of a theme is a good one but I found the size restriction very difficult.  Obviously there is limited space for so many members, but I feel a larger size limit would have been better.

Well done everyone!

I visited our new exhibition at Ripley yesterday - the prize exhibition on the theme of "Past and Future" to mark BAS's 70th Anniversary. There are some very interesting and varied interpretations of the theme - well done everyone! The children from Marjorie McClure School are exhibiting alongside us and have also done well - I particularly like the very large aliens.

Don't forget that there is a prize for the best work by a member - to be decided by popular vote at our meeting at Ripley on 7th July.

Please encourage friends, family and others to visit the exhibition.

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