Revealed: Turner Contemporary Opens

"Revealed: Turner Contemporary Opens" is the name of the first exhibition of the Turner Contemporary art gallery in Margate. The gallery opened to great local fanfare and Tracey Emin 4 days ago - it was chance that took me there so soon after the opening, on a very hot mid-week holiday seaside excursion.

Inside the gallery the rooms are light, airy, cool and very peaceful. The windows are North facing to the sea, with stunning views. I thought that the largest window in the entrance hall was very nicely decorated, but actually it was an "Art Work"  called Borrowing and Multiplying the Landscape - it really did add something to the view.

From the outside the building resembles a municipal bus station of the modern type. It is still being landscaped, but it is hard to see that it will ever seem in keeping with the rest of the Margate seafront.

This exhibition is disappointing. There is a real Turner picture of a volcanic eruption. Interestingly there is a poem by the artist - I had not known he was poet too. Some of the modern works linked this volcano to the eruption of the gallery. The other main theme was Turner's sense of exploration of and curiosity about science, with further modern works exploring this. I did not think either link was convincing. The concepts were overworked and insincere. The programme suggests that future exhibitions will be more to my liking - in particular an exhibition of real Turner's in January 2012.

If you are in Margate, it is definitely worth looking round the building, to shelter from the elements for half an hour. Admission is free. It is not yet worth leaving Bromley with that sole intent.