I have been painting on and off for the last 15 years or so. Art has always been my passion. I just love the creative process and there is much joy when someone recognises your work, to actually buy a piece...

So when Bonhams auction house in London recognises your art and submit to Auction - I just had to share my joy with BAS!

It is a huge step for a young silly South African boy, trying to make his mark in England.

I hope you will all support me in your telephone bids during the October sale... (More info to follow closer to the time)

Who's a clever boy then?

Yippee again, Theo. Now for The Easel article! How long must I wait?


It has finally arrived. The big day that one of my paintings are going on the South African Art Auction! 25th October 2011 at Bonhams in Knightsbridge. Check it out!

Will keep you posted!


Bonhams to you too

Firstly Bonhams have a very nice catalogue website. 

Secondly you don't seem to have a lot of competition artistically amongst the paintings. Of course the dead people seem to get higher prices as usual. Don't point this out to your family. I like the look of some of the sculptures.

Thirdly I didn't know Madiba could paint. You keep exalted company. There is a print with an estimate of £2000 - £3000 which is from an edition of 500. There's a man who knows how to run an economy I suppose. I might prefer that on my wall to yours, but only that one.

I think you have introduced BAS to a new world of art. You must tell us more about both the auction (Allan will be on to you for The Easel already) and the SA scene.



Come on, we want to know more ... Medium, title. Can we have a picture? Keep us up to speed with the auction process.

I'm holding out for Saatchi to buy my collection outright.

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