Exhibiting with Brick Lane Gallery

I've been accepted to exhibit in a Contemporary Painting exhibition at the Brick Lane Gallery. I was just wondering if any of you have exhibited there and what you thought. I would have to pay for my space and I'm a little concerned that I might pay and not get much out of it. Any advice would be appreciated. Ideas of good places to exhibit or how to get work into a gallery.




Brick Lane

Hi Steph,

sorry I'm answering so late, by now you must have your own expereince to share about Brick Lane, and please do so, I would like to hear it! I was contacted by them and asked to exhibit, at excruciating prices yes. To be sure they do the marketing for the money, I decided to check up on their claim of a massive mailing list. It appeared they mail people in California and other odd places, people with no interest in art and no intention to visit my (or any other) exhibition at all, even if it was geographically possible. Since then I asked my mail server to save me the trouble of having to weed their emails one by one. I'd say beware of such flat-fee exhibition venues: you are their target market, not your buyers. I'm sure they do very well, from the exhibition fees at least. So what's your story?




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