From Russia at the RA

If you haven't already been to this wonderful exhibition, do try to get there before it ends on 18th April. This has to be one of the best exhibitions ever. One the one hand, it offers a unique opportunity to see some of the most well-known and best from the whole spectrum of French impressionist artists. On the other, the Russian paintings from the nineteenth and twentieth centuries cover a breathtakingly wide range from Kandinsky through to many artists previously unknown to me. In an amazing range of styles these pictures track the influence of both the impressionists and Russian folk art on Russian artists of the period 1870 - 1925. I have many friends who have been twice and still want to go back (easy if you're a friend of the RA!) I, myself, shall endeavour to make another visit before it ends. The president of the RA thinks that 'From Russia' will come as a great revelation to the British public. I couldn't agree more.

From Russia Exhibition


After all the hype, I was rather dissapointed with this exhibition.

 There were some wonderful paintings there but also some pretty dreadful ones, including the worst Renoir I have ever seen. The Matisse's were wonderful and worth going to see on their own, but there was so much dross, particularly from the Russians and even as with the Renoir poor examples of French painting. It was very well hung  and it was an interesting way to see the progress of late 19th century and 20th century painting from Impressionism to abstract.

INMHO a visit to the Courtauld is much more worth while,, with except for Matisse, 

Picassso and Malenstein far better paintings. 


Bernard Victor

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