Warhol and Haas at Dulwich Picture Gallery

One trembles to lift a finger in criticism of anything these days, in case the dread hand of commerical sponsorship comes smashing down. But. I thought £11 was a bit steep for the Warhol exhibiton at the Dulwich Picture Gallery in terms of the number of works on display. That was my only adverse criticism though! There is no "book of the exhibition" so one can't accuse the gallery of milking the money.

It was interesting to see some of these iconic works - are they paintings or prints? - close up. Warhol's use of line and colour is really interesting. There is a selection of Marilyns, Soups, Mohammed Ali and so on. I think my favourite was the elephant in the last room, which had two outline images around it. If you can stand the price it is worth a visit!

In the surrounding garden, and free, are four large fibreglass sculptures by Philip Hass. These are inspired by a 16th Century artist called Giuseppe Arcimboldo. They are faces made out of fruit and vegetables! They represent the four seasons although that was not obvious to me. They are great fun and we saw them in bright sunshine after heavy rain which made them sparkle. Definitely worth a look!