Ronnie Ireland - "Catching the Image"

Our October speaker is Ronnie Ireland, who is giving us a demonstration with the title "Catching the Image".  You can see some of his works on his website at Other art societies have found his demonstrations to be very interactive and spontaneous and even "challenging", so be prepared for more than the finished painting. I have picked an image of his work at random!

Do join us on Friday 11th Oct at 8pm at the Shortlands Golf Club. If you have not yet tried one of our new meetings, they really are so much more convivial than our previous venue. Guests and potential members are welcome for a small fee.

Catching the Image

We received everything that we expected and more from Ronnie Ireland. We were presented with fully prepared material delivered with authority; Ronnie knew what he wanted us to appreciate and, perhaps, put into practice. I was reminded of a landscape I had produced some years ago 'out of my head'. When displayed for sale I was told by my nephew that it was the view from my childhood bedroom window. He, too, had slept in the same room as a child. Ronnie most certainly struck a chord with me. I'm going to look at my attic-stored stuff to see if there are any other 'memories'. I wonder how many more are now looking at their old pieces and having memories stirred.

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