BAS Website launched

Bromley Art Society's website is launched!

We want to build something of a community around the website, to support the society's activities. It takes time and effort to build this - Please join us in doing so. Feel free to tell us what features you would like to see on the website, in the email newsletter, in The Easel or in the Society's meetings.

You can add comments on this forum or email me using the form on the site. You should also find a survey with your membership renewal letter in the post.

Perhaps you would like to submit an article, either for The Easel or for the website? Tell us which exhibitions you have visited and what you liked or disliked, or write a review of an art book you have read recently.

Do you like the colours on the website - can you suggest anything better? I have had varying responses so far.

We have a space for technical questions - between us we can probably tackle most problems! I have posted a query of my own on photographing art works. I hope someone can give me some tips.

Help make this your Society and your Website.

Over to you !

I have now done most of the things I wanted to do with this website for the first stage. Now it's up to you, the members, to help generate the content. Please don't be shy.

I welcome your comments on what works and what does not.

Adrian Fowle
Webmaster, Bromley Art Society

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