Newsletter Instructions

The newsletter is an email mailing list. You can use the following instructions to subscribe (add yourself to the mailing list) or unsubscribe (remove yourself from the mailing list).

To subscribe to the newsletter send this to the majordomo address (see below), not the list address. You only need the list name in the body of the message, not the list address:

subscribe newsletter

To remove yourself from the same list use:

unsubscribe newsletter

In either case you will get an email message which you need to return to confirm.

To receive full information about the newsletter send this to the majordomo address (see below):

info newsletter

Constructing an email address

In the instructions above, I have not used the full email addresses because these attract spam when published. Please remember to add the usual "at sign" and the domain of this site to the addresses described (to end up with the usual form
The newsletter will come from the address 'newsletter'. To change your subscription send mail to the address 'majordomo'.

If you have any problems, please contact the webmaster using the form on this site.