About Bromley Art Society

Bromley Art Society was formed in 1947 to bring together local painters and sculptors, art teachers and students, and all who share an appreciation of the fine arts.Most of its members are amateur artists working in a wide variety of media; oils, watercolours, acrylics, pastels, gouaches, pen and ink, prints and batik.

Zsuzsanna Pataki - Acrylic Knife Painting Demo

Following the AGM we had the first demo of the year - a demo entitled Acrylic Knife Painting - this turned out to be a bit misleading as Zsuzsanna used a trowel, a large brush and even the palette to apply paint to a large and vibrant painting of sunrise from the Shard. If you want to see the demo in action go to the facebook account: https://www.facebook.com/groups/bromleyartsociety/

The next demo will will be on the 2nd March. 

Facebook Group

A Facebook group has been opened and all members are welcome to join. You do need a facebook account. If you don't have one, and do not want one, we can still share your work on the group from here. Google does index groups there a lot, especially if they are very active.


I have been trying to find members using email addresses, but I'm not having a huge success rate. The group is here https://www.facebook.com/groups/bromleyartsociety/ and per above, you are welcome to join, or just follow.

Christmas Art Exhibition St Andrews Burnt Ash Lane

Exhibition poster

We are looking forward to the forthcoming Christmas Art Exhibition at St Andrew's Burnt Ash Lane.

The poster is now displayed outside the Church and flyers are being distributed around the local area.

The handing in details and a copy of the poster are attached here

The Easel November 2017

Please see the attachment for the latest Easel.

Sadly this will be Ailsa's last Easel - she has produced some lovely magazines over the last 4 years. We now need to find a replacement for her for next year. Any member interested please contact me or Ailsa

Adrian Fowle
Chairman, BAS

I'm back!

Hello, fellow artists, Adrian has arranged my access to the Webpage again. I had forgotten and lost my password. So, expect a wee stir at some time.

The SAA has taken over a very good art sales company allowing members to offer work for sale. It is worth checking the SAA web presence for information. Members who register will get their subscription elevated to Gold level. It didn't work for me because I have Platinum membership already, which covers my rare one-man shows.

St Mary's updates

BAS Exhibition St Mary Bromley 13-15 October 2017


This is part of a wider exhibition at St Mary Bromley, which will include an exhibition concert on Saturday 14th October at 7.45 pm by Bromley Symphony Players (in aid of The Alzheimer's Society) and Festival Choral Evensong on Sunday 15th October at 6.30pm. Music and Art together! See posters for details

St Mary's Exhibition 13-15 October - update

Dont forget handing in forms for the forthcoming exhibition at St Mary’s Church should be returned by this Friday, 6th October, to allow screen labels to be printed in time. It will also be possible to hand the forms and payment to Deborah at Friday’s demo.

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