Wrotham Arts Festival

 The bi - annual festival at Wrotham is on 10th 11th and 12th of May

 this year,  it would be great to see members of B.A.S.. there.

 Especially now that Ann is no longer our flag bearer.


The Easel

 Thank you Adrian, the biter bit somewhat. Actually my association with

 B.A.S. is becoming more and more tenuous and I am visiting local art

 societies with a view to cutting out all the travelling I have to do each

 wednesday, but, hand on heart it isn't a job I would want to do wether

 I go or stay. It takes me so long to finish a painting at the best of times

 ( which is me making excuses ). The truth is its only when someone

 stands down from a position that the work they did is truely appreciated

Happy New Year

Happy New Year everybody. I have been sorting the studio for a new year of painting without the responsibility of The Easel and teaching drawing and painting. Wonderful! 2013 will be a truly happy new year!

Art exhibition

 To all members who have been enjoying the festive season and need a little excercise I would strongly suggest a trip to view the Art exhibition in "The Stables Gallery" at Hall Place Bexley. It lies in between Bexley village and Bexleyheath alongside the A2. The Open Art & Sculpture Exhibition by the Arts Council of Bexley features a number of works by (BAS) exhibitors including myself, also some excellent small sculptures. Open 10am-5pm, 22nd DEC - 20th Jan. Those needing excercise can also stroll around the beautiful grounds and see the numerous wild life.

The Easel

How sad that a new Editor can't be found, the Easel was always eagerly awaited and for it to be no more will be a blow to the society. One thing it highlights is every members appreciation for how difficult and time consuming being Editor is. One thing I am sure of is that every member will join me in offering heartfelt gratitude for the wonderful job Allan did for so many years. I only hope it affords Allan more time to paint.



 If B.A.S. members have seen the Easel, I would be very interested to

 hear their opinions on the possibility of injecting emotion into/onto a

 face, actually the same goes if they hav'nt seen the Easel


Warhol and Haas at Dulwich Picture Gallery

One trembles to lift a finger in criticism of anything these days, in case the dread hand of commerical sponsorship comes smashing down. But. I thought £11 was a bit steep for the Warhol exhibiton at the Dulwich Picture Gallery in terms of the number of works on display. That was my only adverse criticism though! There is no "book of the exhibition" so one can't accuse the gallery of milking the money.

Criticism Evening

It is the first Friday of the month and our monthly meeting. This week we are encouraged to take along a couple of paintings with which we are not happy and would like suggestions re. saving them. I'll be doing my bit, but be prepared to add your two-penny worth of advice. We want encouragement not destruction, happiness not grief. There can be nothing worse than destructive criticism.


If you have not had a sale for a while, take heart. I sold a piece last weekend that I made in 1978! See? The right place at the right time and the right person, and whoopee!

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