If B.A.S. members have seen the Easel, I would be very interested to

 hear their opinions on the possibility of injecting emotion into/onto a

 face, actually the same goes if they hav'nt seen the Easel


Warhol and Haas at Dulwich Picture Gallery

One trembles to lift a finger in criticism of anything these days, in case the dread hand of commerical sponsorship comes smashing down. But. I thought £11 was a bit steep for the Warhol exhibiton at the Dulwich Picture Gallery in terms of the number of works on display. That was my only adverse criticism though! There is no "book of the exhibition" so one can't accuse the gallery of milking the money.

Criticism Evening

It is the first Friday of the month and our monthly meeting. This week we are encouraged to take along a couple of paintings with which we are not happy and would like suggestions re. saving them. I'll be doing my bit, but be prepared to add your two-penny worth of advice. We want encouragement not destruction, happiness not grief. There can be nothing worse than destructive criticism.


If you have not had a sale for a while, take heart. I sold a piece last weekend that I made in 1978! See? The right place at the right time and the right person, and whoopee!

Cookies - New EU law and this Website

A cookie, also known as an HTTP cookie, web cookie, or browser cookie, is usually a small piece of data sent from a website and stored in a user's web browser while a user is browsing a website. (Wikipaedia). It may also be stored as a file on the user's hard disk.

Under new EU data protection laws, websites must tell users that they are using cookies and obtain their consent to do so. At the time of writing there remains considerable confusion about what this should mean.

May's Monthly Meeting

What an evening! Inspirational, challenging, entertaining, hilarious, and the fancy was tickled. Greg D'Souza was all that a Welsh speaker should be - charming, erudite, holding his audience enthralled, and enabling everyone to be active participants. We went home with smiling faces and an added twinkle in our eyes. How many of us will now use imagination in our creations? How many will submit imaginative works for our next exhibition? Wait and see...

S T E W A R D I N G - A Plaintive Cry

The BAS Committee are sure that members consider it a reasonable expectation that all exhibitors will agree to serve as stewards at some time during any exhibition in which they are taking part. It has to be said that some members are very elusive when the rotas are being agreed which is very unfair on a few others who find themselves doing multiple stints. At the current show at Ewell one committee member has had to do seven sessions. Please be more forthcoming in the future.

Coxcombe Fair

Just a quick addendum to my last blog, my friends at B.A.S. are of course invited to exhibit and will be very welcome


Last Sunday's ARTGREGO studio exhibition

I would like to thank all who supported,  helped and encouraged me to put on at my open studio exhibition. It was a great sucess. I shall, of course, miss the paintings that sold terribly, but look forward to producing more. Happy painting to all.

Exhibition at Bourne Hall, Ewell . 1st - 12th May

Poster for the Bourne Hall ExhibitionBromley Art Society is exhibiting at Bourne Hall, Spring Street, Ewell
From 1st - 12th May 2012


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