Coxcombe fair

On June 2nd. the village of Ightham in Kent is holding a fair to celebrate the Queens Diamond Jubilee. The village will be closed to traffic and stalls will throng the main street and square. St. Peters church will host an art and crafts exhibition featuring works from local artists including myself, but don't let that put you off as Allan Davies is guesting and I am assured the photography is worth the visit on its own. All are welcome and it would be good to see some of Ripley's friendly faces along with other B.A.S. members that I have yet to meet.

April Demonstration - Oil and Water !

One of the ships painted by our speaker

Our speaker on Friday April 13th is Geoff Hunt, who will give a demonstration of a marine subject in oils. Many of you will have seen his work on the front covers of the popular “Aubrey – Maturin” novels about life in the Royal Navy during the Napoleonic wars.

Exhibition Ripley. 30 April – 28 May. Call for Entries

This year, the exhibition at Ripley will be open to all members. This exhibition requires no stewarding. However, the hanging day is the same as that for Bourne Hall so help with hanging here would also be appreciated.

You are invited to submit two pictures.
Last date for entry Wednesday 18 April

HANGING Monday 30 April 9.30 – 11.00am
COLLECTION Monday 28 May 9.30 – 11.00am

See separate pages for submission form and further instructions

I really cannot accept late entries.

Exhibition Bourne Hall, Ewell. 1 – 12 May. Call for entries

Our last exhibition at Bourne Hall proved very successful. It is a delightful space, light and airy and set in beautiful grounds. Within the same area as the exhibition is an excellent café and a library and there is a museum upstairs. We found the staff pleasant and helpful. They provide us with a table at which we can sit and paint, making the time there pass very quickly. There is a car park which is not free but the charge last year was very reasonable.

"Frames and Art" Competition


What if…? gallery - Children's Competition

What if…? gallery

69 High Street Dartford Kent DA1 1DJ Telephone 07948 557464


Prizes £25 and £10


What if…? gallery Competition

What if…? gallery

69 High Street Dartford Kent DA1 1DJ Telephone 07948 557464




Jerwood Gallery at Hastings

I have just had a fabulous day out in Hastings in early spring sunshine, with a walk along the shingle beach, a good meal at Ye Odle Pump House and a pint of Shepherd Neame from nearby Faversham.

The BAS Spring Exhibition

This is not to be missed. Another display of artistic talent on show. A lady travelled from Dover especially for our exhibition and bought a number of pieces. It was good to see red dots almost as soon as we had completed the hanging. Well done every contributor.

the next great artist

I have just watched my recording  of T.N.G.A. and was interested to hear Andres Serrano Artist/Photographer, obviously well thought of in

American artistic circles, but unsurprisingly unheard of by me, say of one students work, I don't get it, and I needed it explained to me. If only more people would take that stance perhaps we could get back to the days when Art spoke for itself. Are we not in danger of elevating ourselves by seeing in an artists work what we are told by the artist to see.



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