What if…? gallery - Children's Competition

What if…? gallery

69 High Street Dartford Kent DA1 1DJ Telephone 07948 557464


Prizes £25 and £10


What if…? gallery Competition

What if…? gallery

69 High Street Dartford Kent DA1 1DJ Telephone 07948 557464




Jerwood Gallery at Hastings

I have just had a fabulous day out in Hastings in early spring sunshine, with a walk along the shingle beach, a good meal at Ye Odle Pump House and a pint of Shepherd Neame from nearby Faversham.

The BAS Spring Exhibition

This is not to be missed. Another display of artistic talent on show. A lady travelled from Dover especially for our exhibition and bought a number of pieces. It was good to see red dots almost as soon as we had completed the hanging. Well done every contributor.

the next great artist

I have just watched my recording  of T.N.G.A. and was interested to hear Andres Serrano Artist/Photographer, obviously well thought of in

American artistic circles, but unsurprisingly unheard of by me, say of one students work, I don't get it, and I needed it explained to me. If only more people would take that stance perhaps we could get back to the days when Art spoke for itself. Are we not in danger of elevating ourselves by seeing in an artists work what we are told by the artist to see.



Landscapes of Britain and Canada

Claudia Hazzard Exhibition

3rd - 27th April 2012. An exhibition by Claudia Hazzard at Ripley


Digital Art & Hockney

Hockney's Bigger Picture Show includes Ipad creations. It is a remarkable beast and a great pity that I cannot justify buying one for my own use. Anyway, I wonder how many members of BAS (and prospective members) are making art with their Ipads. Digital creations are already a feature of our exhibitions and examples are shown in our members' gallery. Some new BAS members are highly qualified photographers; some use computer applications, such as Photoshop, and make wonderful art. I feel that this is something to be encouraged rather than discouraged.

Hockney criticism

It would appear that my views on Modern art maybe provoking anger, which was never the intention. I concede my opinions are based on a lack of knowledge and probably a lack of soul where art is concerned. Only one painting has ever really stirred any emotion in me and that was Picasso's Crying woman. which I suppose makes a mockery of my criticising modern art in favour of the old masters. As for Elizabeth Blackadder and Michael Craig Martin I repeat my remark from an earlier blog," I just don't get it".


 I've been trying to express my disappointment not just with Mr. H, but

 with Modern/Contemperary art in general. And I think this sums up my

 position, over the years we have all seen many fine films and T.V. progs.

 charting the lives and careers of the old masters, all of these films relied

 on prints and sometimes the actual originals of the subject being portrayed. Da Vinci, Vermeer, Van Gogh, Michaelangelo etc. In no instance

could an actor or stand in artist, hope to re-create a masters work, but


 After my derogatory remarks I decided to remind myself of his early

 work and once again saw how good he can be, but Sues remark about

 taking a second look did'nt ring true for me as the works were too

 simplistic to see more in them than immediately meets the eye. I accept

 that the fault for not seeing more probably lies with me, I'm sceptical of

 people (not you Sue) who exhort me to look beneath the surface and

 feel the dynamism in the brushwork etc. etc. The Exhibition would have

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