The Easel

Yippee yet again. Quite a few members collected their copies at BEECHE on Saturday. The rest almost filled the postbox on the corner of my street this afternoon to catch the 5 pm collection. Another job done!

The Easel

Yippee again! The Easel arrived this morning and copies are already in envelopes. Labels have been printed. I'm pleased as Punch. Members can expect to get their copies by the middle of next week. Yippee!

The Easel

Yippee! The Winter issue was mailed to the printer on Tuesday morning this week
I am now looking for articles for the Spring 2012 issue. I am also looking for photographs of members' work for the Members' Gallery. The best pic. gets onto the front and earns the winner £30 worth of vouchers from CassArt. Those who work black on white can also send me photos. for inclusion on the inner pages.
New members: send me your personal profile with a head and shoulders photo.; include your influences and preferred medium.

New feature - Notifications make the site more interactive

Allan Davies is doing a great job with his blog and others chip in occasionally, but not everyone sees these gems. I have now built a new feature to "Notifiy" you when there is a change to something you are interested in. Instead of having to check the website frequently for new content, you can be emailed a short message to tell you something is waiting for you.

Hashim Akib

What a super demo.! A lively piece of work by a lively character. We must invite the chap again.

Hashim's finished painting

Hashim has very kindly allowed me to  upload a copy of his demonstration picture, which I took with a mobile phone. I have added it to Allan's piece. [Ed]

Tough Choices

And Ann Holdway wants us to give them !

Degas and the Ballet

If you have not yet viewed this remarkable show, do so soon. His compositions are outstanding. His observations of dancers in motion are incredible. His application of pastels? Fixing between layers is the way I paint with pastels. Catalogue? Worth every penny!

What if...? Gallery, Dartford

The Arts Festival has come to an end. Yesterday, the last Saturday in October, there was a great deal of footfall. The chair of Blackheath Art Society demonstrated how to make and creatively use felt to produce remarkable pieces of art. I demonstrated acrylics again with a large canvas, a large knife, and some thick paint (ooh! notice the Oxford comma...) before I dashed off for lunch. The gallery's Ann was busy today as she helped set up a new exhibition for the month (super stuff worth a visit) and rehung the other rooms.

What if...? Gallery, Dartford

The Thursday Tutored Acrylics Workshops have not attracted as many aspiring painters as we had hoped. However, we crash on! Every Thursday from 1 pm to 3 pm a small group of us work together and I do my best to show techniques with knife and brush. At £30 for a six week stint it is not expensive. So, if anyone wants to learn new skills in a socially amenable company, come and join us.

Arts Festival at the What If Gallery, Dartford

The festival is attracting visitors and there have been sales (even one of mine!). If you have nothing better to do on Saturday 29/10 pop in and enjoy an acrylics demo from about 11 am. I'll be slapping on the paint with knife and brush.

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