Tchaikovsky and Van Gogh - Parallel Lives

WEA,Bromley Branch is holding a Saturday afternoon lecture in the Community Centre, Bromley, on 12 November from 2pm to 5.30pm entitled Tchaikovsky and Van Gogh - Parallel Lives.

The WEA website has details of other courses that might interest BAS members and a few clicks will take you also to neighbouring branches.

Paint With the Masters - Degas at Sevenoaks Adult Education Centre

RAs Degas ExhibitionSpend a day oil painting (or acrylic) in the style of Edouard Degas. The tutor will use a variety of teaching methods including instruction, demonstration, one to one guidance, group discussions and critiques. A costumed life model will re-create some of the poses used by Degas.

Saturday 19th November

Website facelift

Drupal IconThose who study such things may notice a change to the style of the website. The old one was making a mess of stories on the front page if they had pictures in, as more and more of them do. The current style, or "theme" in the jargon, is the default one and not an artistic choice on my part. It works rather well but is immediately recognisable as the default theme for Drupal, the software behind the site. It does not suggest much creativity for an Art Society but I blame the day job for that.

I am planning a major upgrade to the site at some stage and will attend to beautification then.

Denbies again

October is harvest-time at Denbies and the colour of the vine leaves is mind-blowing. Iris and I enjoyed lunch there on 9 October (yes, we skipped church) and I took lots of photos. There may well be a painting in the offing...

Bourne Hall Exhibition Oct 17 - 29th

Bourne Hall view from LakeBromley Art Society's next exhibition will be at Bourne Hall in Ewell from October 17th - 29th.  A delightful space, light and airy, within the same area is the library, a cafe and upstairs a museum.  Lovely grounds outside with a lake and fountain.

We will also be able to paint whilst we are there.

What If...? Gallery, Dartford

This is the best place to show our work for £1 a week. Rejoice with me; as one of mine was being hung yesterday it was snapped up by someone who loved it. I had changed its title... Perhaps that's the way to go. I have replaced it with another I made a few years ago and have changed its title, too. Keep 'em crossed for me.

Our next exhibition

Ann Holdway and I have found a really lovely new place to exhibit, albeit a little way away from Bromley. It's called Bourne Hall and it's at Ewell. It's a modern building standing in beautiful grounds and has a beautiful exhibition area  right next to a cafe (cheap!), a library and a museum. We are allowed to do what we like while our paintings are there ie sell cards, have browsers, sketch and paint and generally do all the things we do at BEECHE but with a lot more space and a lot more people around. We have booked 2 weeks from 17 October.

BAS on Facebook

Now we have a facebook presence! The main news articles from the front page of the web site and a random selection of members' pictures are posted there. The pictures are updated once a day.

I am sure there is more to do, but it is a start. Let me know what you think! Allan has already started us off


This morning I looked at the BAS Facebook presence. It is super to know that BAS is in the 21st Century. It now needs activity from BAS members and that means publicity. Let's do it by telling our friends.

BAS@BEECHE 17th & 18th September 2011

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