STOP PRESS !!!!!! Bourne Hall Exhibition, 29th June 11th July

BAS will be exhibiting at Bourne Hall in Ewell Between 29th of June and the 11th of July. In the past this has been a very  good venue for BAS and we expect it to be so this time. It is a lovely venue highly regarded by our members.  If you would like to exhibit please download and complete the submission documents and send them off. I look forward to seeing you there.

The George & Dragon, Ightam

It is that time again when Derek Burt and I have a show at The G&D, Ightam.
Date: Friday 19 June 2015 to Sunday 21 June 2015.
We hang on Friday and take down on Sunday afternoon from about 4 pm.
Book your tables for fine fare - it's Fathers' Day on the Sunday.
Come for a chat, anyway.
Remember to bring your family and friends.

BAS Exhibition @ Bromley Baptist Church 26 -31 May 2015

 BAS Exhibition @ Bromley Baptist Church 26 -31 May 2015

Thou Art Invited

Thou Art Invited to See
The Bromley Art Society Spring Exhibition
At the Bromley Central Library
April 14-28

BAS Central Library Exhibition April 2015


New release of Inkscape - Free Art Software

Inkscape has had a significant upgrade. The organisation is rather modest and describes this as version 0.91 (where 1.0 is theoretically the first complete release). The new version is faster and has more features.


RA and Ruben and his legacy: a visit with Derek. This is truly worth a visit. Thoroughly enjoyable and encouraging. 


A recent trial in the Netherlands found an artist guilty of plagiarism. He had painted a portrait from a photograph he found in a publication. The photographer challenged in a court of law and won. Lesson? Work from our own photos.

AGM fun

I enjoyed yesterday evening at Ripley. Thank you all for the kind words and the gift. The critique session was great fun and encouraged me to explore different ways of observing and creating.

BAS programme for 2015

Penny has once again put together a very interesting programme for us for our "First Friday" meetings. You can find it at The first of these is not till February, but the Ripley sessions on Wednesdays start next week, 7th January.

Malevich Exhibition

Having finally made it to the Matisse cut-outs at Tate Modern (don't miss!) I thought I might look in on the Malevich exhibition too, knowing that it has been highly rated by the critics and also knowing absolutely nothing about Malevich. This is not a particularly large exhibition, a fact that allows you to focus on the historical background which is integral to understanding the artwork. The great political upheaval in Russia though which Malevich lived his working life deeply influenced the outlook and behaviour of the artistic community of which he was a part.

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