Ightam Show

Ken sold one. Derek won a commission and sold a piece after the show. I weep! I wept even more after the news this evening - £2.2 million for an unmade bed at auction. Saachi has done well again...

Cadmium pigments - time to ban them?

Cadmium is toxic in some formulations and artists dispose of it into the water supply. The powers that be are considering banning it for this and other applications. Should we support the ban or learn  better methods of disposal?

George & Dragon, Ightam

Laughter filled the exhibition room Yesterday and it is expected again today. I have booked a table for lunch and will be there for the whole day and hope to see you. It is a very good show.


George & Dragon, Ightam

The exhibition of works by Derek, Ken and I is up and running this weekend and ends at 6 pm on Sunday. Come and see! The show is in the pub function room on the first floor. Grub at the pub is outstandingly good. For the tennis addicts there is a very large television screen, too.

Today is Ightam's Village Fair day centered on the parish church. Visit and enjoy everything; have fun!


New members are needed to join the BAS Committee. I, Allan, retire at the end of this year, so there is a need to find a new chairman. Our secretary, Christine, is overworked with the secretary's job being combined with that of exhibition organiser, so the job needs to be split. Some members will remember that Christine became our secretary by default when our previous secretary, Ann, died. Ann had been doing both jobs and Chris had only just taken on one of them when we lost Ann. Who will take on the task of exhibition organiser?

George & Dragon, Ightam

Derek Burt and I with a friend will be at the George & Dragon for our annual show at the end of June. We hang on Friday the 27th and show over the Saturday and Sunday. The GRUB is GREAT! so book your tables. The COMPANY is SUPERB! The WORK will be SECOND TO NONE! Come and enjoy with your family and friends; make a day of the pleasures to be found at Ightam, which include Ightam Mote.

Bromley Arts and Community Initiative

The latest news on the campaign to save the Royal Bell for an Art's Centre is a full survey showing that renovation would cost at least £3.3M


Our membership is growing in number. New members need to know who we are and what we do. I believe that those of us who have been members for a while have a responsibility to contribute copy to editor Ailsa. In my experience, The Easel has helped us grow. Let's grow larger in number, talent and interest. Allan


Items, articles, criticisms, gallery exhibition reports - Ailsa needs them. Get your stuff ready for the autumn issue asap.

PopUp Painting

PopUp Painting events are social painting experiences; making art accessible to ordinary people, so that they can have fun unleashing their creativity!




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