Pat and Friends

A good show at the Central Library. Worth a visit. Pat is prolific. Lots of interested visitors and sales have been good. It ends on Tuesday next.

The Easel

WOW! Ailsa's Easel is a joy! With my large screen monitor I can read without effort. Pictures are easy to see except for the few pixelated, but they are no problem. I am thrilled with the first issue, as we should all be. The Christmas hols. should give us time to reflect and write pieces for the Spring publication and that includes me. Thanks, Ailsa. Incidentally, I notice that there are 21 guests online while I type; usually there are no more than two or three.

The Easel Winter 2013 - Digital!

Cover page of The Easel Winter 2013The Easel is back, with a new design and a new editor. Thanks to Ailsa Chapman for taking on this important task for Bromley Art Society.

Gallery and me

Well, I managed to get one new pic onto the gallery but the caption needs to be tweaked by changing the file name on my pc. I tried to upload a .psd image and failed. That means I have to convert to .jpg images first. That is not a hassle. Now to get some more pics from my camera, so this wee episode must come to an end. Enjoy the day.

Gallery and me

I need to update my bit of the gallery. As I haven't been near it for a while, I will have to relearn how to add a new picture and remove some ole uns. Fun!


Request from Thelma - does anyone use recycled materials to make sculpture? Let her know, please.

The Easel

I am looking forward to the launch of The Easel this month. Have you contributed something?

Carole Massey - Water Soluble Pencils (Demonstration)

Our speaker this month is Carol Massey, who is giving a demonstration of watersoluble pencils, Inktense pencils and Inktense blocks.

Friday 1st Nov, 8pm

Please note this is at Ripley, not our usual venue!

Ronnie Ireland - "Catching the Image"

Our October speaker is Ronnie Ireland, who is giving us a demonstration with the title "Catching the Image". 

Friday 11th Oct at 8pm at the Shortlands Golf Club.

Hello. I'm back!

It seems like a long time ago that I was last here. In fact, it was a long time ago... The Summer has arrived and almost gone; vestiges remain to tease us. I spent this afternoon sorting frames for friends and I need to get some of my recently completed pieces under glass as soon as I have taken the photographs. We need to support Ailsa as she prepares our first on-line newsletter. I had better get something ready for her asap. I was unable to attend last month's demo. (away on holiday) but I expect to see you all next Friday at Shortlands.

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