Honorary Vice Chairman

At the committee meeting on Moday last our Honorary Membership Secretary, Brenda, agreed to be our Honorary Vice Chairman. We are truly grateful.


Olga is taking responsibility for the BAS publicity. Already, Olga is on the job. Super!

Minutes of AGM, 7th Feb 2014


Annual General Meeting

7 February 2014



1. Apologies for absence: Liz Crossingham, Adrian Fowle, Christine Mallion


2. Chairman’s Report Allan Davies

The minutes of the 2013 AGM were approved and signed.

Free and Opensource Art Software for PC, Mac and Linux

After my talk to BAS last night I received several requests for information on the software I described. Rather than just email the information, I have put it on the web so that it remains easy to find. This is a forum and therefore an invitation to contribute! Let's have your responses.

Three Weeks!

My diary has been marked on Mondays to count down the weeks left to get ready for my Ripley show. Three weeks left! I am on schedule.

The Easel

I have been looking again at our digitally produced Easel. It is a triumph! Our articles can now be illustrated in full colour; something we could not consider in the former printed newsletter. A former member, Bernard Victor, always illustrated his pieces and it was heart-breaking to produce them in black and white. So, let's be creative with our contributions for the Summer issue.

ART Materials again available in Bromley

I spent time in Bromley yesterday, Monday, (a visit to my dentist) and visited BAS members Taiana and Fabricio. You will know their shop, Frames and Art, at 230 High Street, Bromley. They now stock good quality art materials. I added to my kit bibs and bobs to fix string to my paintings. They have super plans for the shop that includes a workspace for toddlers and their mums. They may even have life classes (draped, of course!) in the future. Why not pop in and show your support?

The Easel

The Spring issue, which I have already seen, is another triumph for Ailsa. The Summer issue needs articles and pics from more contributors than the Spring issue. Please, get writing asap.


I kept my promise. Super comments following the crit. session. How can we have more of them? Suggestions please (they really do...). Ok, I missed the comma.

Studio Time

I am a busy boy preparing for my April show at Ripley. Old frames are being cleaned and painted, boards are being cut to fit found frames, new paint is being applied to boards and canvases. Time is running away from me.

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