The Easel Winter 2013 - Digital!

Cover page of The Easel Winter 2013The Easel is back, with a new design and a new editor. Thanks to Ailsa Chapman for taking on this important task for Bromley Art Society.

With this edition, The Easel also becomes mainly a digital publication. Ailsa and I need to work out the best delivery mechanism. For this first of Ailsa's Easels we have attached it to this article and you can click below to download it.

I hope the design, the delivery and above all the content stimulate you - please let us know what works and what does not. It won't be too long before Ailsa comes looking for contributions for the next edition!


Please note that the membership prices quoted on P2 are wrong. The current prices can be found at

The Easel Winter 2013.pdf692.3 KB


The Easel

WOW! Ailsa's Easel is a joy! With my large screen monitor I can read without effort. Pictures are easy to see except for the few pixelated, but they are no problem. I am thrilled with the first issue, as we should all be. The Christmas hols. should give us time to reflect and write pieces for the Spring publication and that includes me. Thanks, Ailsa. Incidentally, I notice that there are 21 guests online while I type; usually there are no more than two or three.