Life Drawing at Ripley is go!!

Thursday nights' life drawing was a great success. The class was well attended and every one enjoyed the opportunity  to draw from the model. The night did not pass without incident though . The model was delayed and after 15 mins of waffle the organiser got his kit off mumbling something about "Art being his mistress" he posed for about 45 mins of gesture drawing. The model "Rosie" duly turned up , mercifuly, and rescued the evening and the class went on as planned. 

A quote from one of our members." Just have to say I thought the class was brilliant, can't wait for next week to come." 

Next week the room will be rearranged to provide more room. So!, if you would like to attend there will be places available. You can pay as you go, £7.00 per class. Contact Hugh at or telephone  02084640682. I look forward to seeing you there.