Minutes of AGM, 7th Feb 2014


Annual General Meeting

7 February 2014



1. Apologies for absence: Liz Crossingham, Adrian Fowle, Christine Mallion


2. Chairman’s Report Allan Davies

The minutes of the 2013 AGM were approved and signed.

In the absence of the treasurer, Liz Crossingham, whose husband is recovering from a serious illness, a full report of the society’s legal and financial problems over the last year was given. The money owed is now fully recovered without having to resort to legal proceedings. Over the difficult period when we owed a considerable amount to the company from whom we bought the new display panels we were saved by generous loans and gifts. Society members were thanked for their generosity, support and patience throughout this difficult time.


The full financial report and accounts will be presented as soon as the treasurer is back in Bromley and is able to resume her responsibilites.


Pat Tucker, who is stepping down from the committee after many years and has been a member for 45 years was thanked for all she has done over this long period of service.


The following exhibitions took place in 2013:

Central Library, Bromley April

Ripley April/May

Bourne Hall June

Pop-up at Bexleyheath August

Ripley Garden Party August

St Mary’s Church October


Sales were down on last year but the exhibition at St Mary’s Church Bromley was particularly successful for both artists and craftspeople. This took place over an arts festival weekend where the café and live music generated a good footfall. It was a joyful event with great cooperation from the church people. The event was part of their anniversary celebrations and as they need to recover from all the excitement of the whole year’s events, they would like us to wait until 2015 to exhibit there again. Our experiences both at St Barnabas in 2012 (where we hope to go again this year) and St Mary’s in 2013 tell us that we do particularly well if we are part of a wider arts event.


Exhibitions this year will include the Central Library, Ripley, Bourne Hall and St Barnabas.


Individual members continue to hold successful exhibitions which are advertised on-line and in the Easel.


Members were asked to thank all those who work very hard on their behalf at exhibitions, especially Julie Collins, Arthur Brown, Gilly Hewstone and Malcolm Tait – the team who are always there to set up and take down exhibits, giving up a great deal of their own time to ensure that exhibitions run smoothly. Gilly and Malcolm, because of other commitments, not part of the committee at the moment but work every bit as hard for the Society. It is important that even if members do not feel able to commit the time on the committee, they need not hold back in volunteering when help is needed. In this respect, I would also like to mention Peter Dinsmore who, despite poor health recently, has still organised the storage and hiring of the screens for us.


In many respects we thoroughly enjoy the facilities of our Friday evening meetings at the golf club. However, it has not always proved the quietest of venues. Although we appreciate the bar facilities, we don’t always appreciate the noise. We shall keep a careful watch on this and move to other premises (probably Ripley) if the need arises. All the demonstrations/talks were excellent and we thank Penny Elliott for all her hard work in organising these for us. We also look forward to another exciting year.


Julie Collins has continued to run our Wednesday workshops at Ripley, always ensuring that we have as much tea and coffee as we want as well as keeping on top of the administration required to run the workshops. We thank her very much for this.


We are always pleased when members come up with new ideas such as the pop-up exhibition last year initiated by Ros Jones. Please – always feel free to offer suggestions, support and advice. We want to continue to keep this a thriving society whose members enjoy many opportunities – learning, exhibiting and social.


Election of officers


Allan Davies Chairman

Christine Richards Secretary

Liz Crossingham Treasurer

Arthur Brown

Ailsa Chapman

Julie Collins

Penny Elliott

Adrian Fowle

David Goodier

Brenda Sayburn


Olga Rostova, a new member, has offered her services on the committee.


The Jack Wills Cup

The cup was awarded this year to Julie Collins for her outstanding services to Bromley Art Society.