Minutes of AGM February 2016

Minutes of Annual General Meeting 5 February 2016


1. Apologies for absence:

  • Janet Barret
  • Adrian Fowle
  • Pam Ponsford

2. Chairman’s Report - Brenda Sayburn

Brenda thanked the committee for their hard work over the last year. She suggested that the year had been dominated by three things – inspiration, activity and innovation. Much of the inspiration came from our Friday evening meetings, activity from the exhibitions and the Wednesday workshops and innovation included the life drawing classes organised and taught by Hugh Henderson at Ripley where the group has grown so large that the classes now take place in the music room. She also pointed out that articles are always needed for the Easel and suggested that we should not be afraid of being controversial in what we contribute. It would be good to make our magazine a lively platform for debate.

3.Secretary’s Report - Christine Richards

The following exhibitions took place in 2015.

  • Central Library Bromley  15-29 April
  • Ripley    throughout May
  • Bromley Baptist Church  27-31 May
  • Bourne Hall   30 June-11 July
  • Ripley Garden Party  24-30 August
  • St Mary’s Church, College Road 18-20 September
  • Bromley Baptist Church  27-29 November

Sales at the Central Library and Bourne Hall were disappointing. The level of sales at the churches far exceeds those at other venues even though these exhibitions are much shorter. We are deeply indebted to the churches and hope we can maintain our ongoing relationship with them. We shall be back at the Baptist church sometime in the summer. We are also exploring new venues. We again offer our sincere thanks to the team which sets up our exhibitions with flair and professionalism and to all who lend a hand.

Hugh Henderson heads our exhibitions team as well as looking after the screens and organising screen hire. We are grateful that he has taken on both these roles with such enthusiasm.

The excellent programme of demonstrations and talks throughout 2015 was again organised by Penny Elliott. Our move to Ripley for these events has proved a great success. We feel it is right to be at Ripley as we should support Bromley Arts Council as much as possible in these difficult financial times.

Julie Collins continues to run the workshops at Ripley with her usual efficiency, making sure new members feel welcome and that artists are never short of tea and coffee.

The committee has been really happy to welcome Zsuzsanna Pataki as our publicity officer. She has already used her skills and talents to great effect in this role.

We continue to be indebted to Liz Crossingham, our treasurer, Ailsa Chapman, Easel editor, Adrian Fowle, webmaster, David Goodier, technician and, of course, Brenda Sayburn who this year has been both chairman and membership secretary. Thanks are due to Brenda for covering both these roles in 2015. Adrian Fowle will now take over the chairmanship.

Sincere thanks are offered to all of the above.

It should be noted that Arthur Brown, still a committee member, injured his shoulder last May while setting up the Baptist Church exhibition and is still receiving treatment. We wish him a speedy recovery and hope he will be back with us soon.

4.Treasurer’s Report - Liz Crossingham

Liz reported that the society has a healthy bank balance. The books balanced to the last penny. We are solvent and should remain so. Copies of the accounts were available at the meeting. Members who were unable to be there and would like a copy should contact the secretary.

5.Election of officers


  • Brenda Sayburn  Membership secretary
  • Christine Richards Hon. Secretary
  • Liz Crossingham  Hon.Treasurer
  • Arthur Brown
  • Ailsa Chapman
  • Julie Collins
  • Penny Elliott
  • Adrian Fowle  Chairman
  • David Goodier  Deputy Chairman
  • Hugh Henderson

On this occasion, no other members were willing to stand for the committee.

6.Pat Tucker Cup

Our old Jack Hill cup was looking very worn and there was no space left to record those to whom it was awarded. We shall make sure that Jack Hill’s name lives on by awarding a prize for ‘best in show’ in his name at one of our exhibitions. We now have a new cup named Pat Tucker cup. Pat is a very long standing member who served for very many years on the committee. The Pat Tucker cup was awarded for the first time to Malcolm Tait for his service to the Society. Malcolm has been a most valuable member of the exhibitions team for many years and one of the most skilful in the organising the layout and the hanging of exhibitions.