Web Technology

Bromley Art Society's web site is created with a type of tool called a content management system (CMS). The particular CMS used is Drupal. The handbook is useful.

The site is hosted at United Hosting.

The United Hosting website runs on Linux and Drupal relies on other software to make it work, including Apache, MySQL, PHP. Together these make a "LAMP" system.

All these programs are "open source". That is, the source code used to produce the program is available for inspection and correction by anyone. The programs are free to use - free as in beer but also free as in speech. "Free as in beer" is good for small, penniless societies. "Free as in speech" may be more important in the long run, it means that users are not tied in to propriety products and no one else can own a user's data. Please consider giving your support to these and other FOSS (Free and open source sytems) programs. You can read more about this topic on Wikipaedia.

Fortunately neither end-users nor editors need to know any of this to use the site, but some are always curious about how a web site works.